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Articles by Dirk Wacker

Stratocaster Master Tone Configuration

December 16, 2008
A 10-minute Strat mod from Dirk Wacker
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Strat Bridge Pickup Tone Control

November 11, 2008
A simple mod to give your Strat a bridge pickup tone control
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Phasing Out: How to get out-of-phase sounds from a Stratocaster

October 13, 2008
Welcome back to the world of hot-rodded Stratocasters. I hope you had some fun with the seven-sound mod from last month. A friend of mine reminded me to share
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Rags to Riches - The Final Mojo

September 9, 2008
Hello everybody, I hope you''ve found some time to try all the mods on your Epiphone Valve Jr. amp we discussed last month and that you finally found the
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The 7-Sound Stratocaster

September 9, 2008
Find those buried sounds in your trusty Strat.
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10 Easy Strat Mods to Improve Primary Tone

July 30, 2008
How to improve your tone without hiring a tech or breaking the bank.
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Switch Hitter: An Interview with Burkhard G. Lehle

July 10, 2008
  Burhard G Lehle, the man behind the switchers The brightly colored boxes with the mushroom- shaped footswitches popped onto the scene a while back, offering up Teutonic quality and
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Diagnosing Volume Pots

June 15, 2008
Dirk Wacker discusses fixing common volume control problems and where to find the best pots.
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Improving Tone Control Effectiveness

May 15, 2008
Lessons from previous columns are put to action to improve tone
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Wire it Up!

April 10, 2008
Dirk continues his look at your guitar''s insides with an overview of wiring.
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Stickin' It to the Man

April 9, 2008
Introducing the Chapman Stick, the stringed instrument you haven’t met yet. We talk with Virna Splendore, one of the world’s premier Chapman Stick players and explore this unique niche
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Auditioning Tone Capacitors, Part II

March 11, 2008
We conclude our tone cap journey with a guide to the most common types.
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Auditioning Tone Capacitors

January 29, 2008
Breaking the myths of tone capacitors and helping you find the best one for your tone.
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So You Want to Solder?

December 27, 2007
A primer for prospective DIYers
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Going Nuts

December 19, 2007
Your guide to nut materials
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The $5 Traveling Practice Amp

November 19, 2007
DIY computer speaker mod
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The DIY True Bypass Lesson

October 15, 2007
Don''t bypass this easy build
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More on Bypassing the Hype

September 10, 2007
Other Types of Switching and Signal Relays
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Improving Your Primary Tone

September 6, 2007
This underrated subject is often overlooked due to the misconception that the pickups make all of the difference; however, the pickup itself is only a small part of a much larger picture.
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Bypassing the Hype

August 10, 2007
How True are True Bypass Claims?
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