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Articles by George Ellison

Solder Like a Pro

January 9, 2008
Given the DIY nature of this issue, I thought it would be appropriate to address good soldering technique. Because we have a limited amount of space, I won’t talk too
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About Fret Leveling

December 12, 2007
When the frets are perfectly level, as a string is fretted, it barely clears the adjacent fret.
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Peeling Pickups, Pt. 2

December 11, 2007
Last month we presented a couple of scenarios where a pickup’s coil wire was broken, and where peeling the coil – removing some of its wraps – could be
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Peeling Pickups

November 9, 2007
Last month we began discussing what to do with coils that have tested open with a multimeter. As mentioned last month, when the coil wire is broken at the
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More Fun with Meters

October 10, 2007
So there you are with your multimeter in hand, testing pickup coils from last month, right? We discussed what an unusually low resistance measurement would mean, but it’s more
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About Fret Polishing

September 21, 2007
Surface flatness is something of a science. There are actually gauges made to measure this, and they come in various types and with different levels of accuracy and expense.
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About Fret Crowning

September 18, 2007
When we left off last month, we had a neck where the tops of all of the frets were level, flat (no longer rounded), and had big scratches on them (yikes!).
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Meters and Stuff

September 10, 2007
Last month I alluded to the idea of using a multimeter to test pickups and configurations. If you aren’t aware of these handy little gadgets, here’s a brief introduction.
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Floating Tremolos

August 13, 2007
The original Strat tremolo was designed to float, meaning that the tremolo''s rear edge is raised up off the body. That doesn''t necessarily mean that you need to set your bridge to float - set it how you like it.
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Reversing Coils, Parte Dos

August 8, 2007
Pickups are thrown for a loop.
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