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Articles by Brett Petrusek

Guitar Tuning 102

May 1, 2008
Digging deep into tuning problems
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Brown's Guitar Factory: BGF Chambered Guitar

March 11, 2008
Brown’s Guitar factory is perhaps most well-known for their 30-plus years of master level luthiery and their innovation of the Fretted/less bass. The Fretted/less bass has arguably existed in
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Steve Stevens Interview: His Solo Album and His Gear

February 17, 2008
Few guitarists can burn their sound into your brain like Steve Stevens can. You know his solos, grooves and ray gun effects from a slew of hits. Think Top Gun and
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Mills Acoustics Afterburner 4x12 Cab

February 15, 2008
It’s a daring thing to stake your name on cabinets alone, and the folks at Mills gladly take on the challenge – talk to them for five minutes and
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SUHR 18-watt Badger Combo

January 9, 2008
If you’re a handwired boutique amp fan, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the recent spate of 18-watt combos – there are now more low-wattage options available to
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Boulder Creek Guitars ECR1-B Solitaire

October 10, 2007
Boulder Creek is a brand new guitar company based in sunny Morgan Hill, California. We were initially introduced to their innovative line of guitars at this summer’s Dallas International
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Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 Combo

October 10, 2007
Mesa Boogie recently added the Express series of amplifiers to its vast line of tone generators. The Express is offered up in two formats to meet the musical tastes
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Robin Savoy Dolphin Classic Semi-Hollowbody Guitar

April 12, 2007
Many are familiar with Robin guitars and will remember them from the 1980s. Today Robin is a nine-man operation based in Houston, Texas, and according to owner/founder Dave Wintz,
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Carvin V3 (100-Watt, 3-Channel Tube Combo)

March 15, 2007
There''s no doubt that high gain, 3-channel super amps are cool, but in most cases, they remain cost prohibitive.
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