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Articles by Gene Baker

Low Tech Pedal Boards

July 11, 2007
Gene Baker shows us how to rig up a quick and easy pedalboard
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Heavy Metal Shop

June 12, 2007
When building guitars there are many tools you just can’t find on the market to help organize, maneuver and protect your pieces during construction. If you’re resourceful you’ll find ways to build them or call upon the aid of a friend.
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Dry/Wet Amp Rigs

May 14, 2007
I prefer amps in a dry/wet configuration, allowing amp #1 to be unaffected and amp #2 to get all the effects, with its tone signal generated from amp #1
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Case of the Noisy Truss Rod

April 12, 2007
In comes a set-neck style guitar, the problem being a truss rod doing a bit of rattling
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Music Resolutions

March 19, 2007
2006 brought on the big 40 for me and the birth of the first b3 guitars to send out to the world. 2007 will bring on a new set of challenges as I get married in Feburary
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A Lost Art

March 19, 2007
Binding has always added a higher perceived value and rightfully so, as it is a pain to do well. The cost of the material is only a few dollars
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Does Size Really Matter?

March 16, 2007
I have an amp that’s been sitting in the closet until recently
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