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Articles by Dean Farley

Topsy-Turvy Tones

May 18, 2010
How flipping your guitar can open up new sounds to you
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Picky, Picky, Picky

April 15, 2010
Popular picks from the ''60s to today, and what they do for your sound.
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The Art of Pickup Adjustment

February 11, 2010
Why pickup adjustment is so important, and how you can use it to your advantage
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Let's Get Small: Low-Power Vintage Amps

July 22, 2009
Three small amps from the ''60s remind us that sometimes monster tone can come in a little package.
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Pulp Fiction, Pulp Fact: Celestion Blues

June 17, 2009
Does the length of wood fibers in Celestion Blue original and reissue speaker cones make all the difference?
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Sounding Analog in a Digital World

April 21, 2009
A look at how to maintain that analog recording sound when recording through digital software
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The Importance of the Microphone Preamp

February 16, 2009
Why you might want a preamp, and a few quality ones to check out.
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Which Tubes Are For You?

January 15, 2009
Some unconventional advice on picking tubes
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The Tone (and Order) of Tubes

December 16, 2008
Dean Farley talks tweaking tubes for your desired tone.
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