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Articles by Dean Farley

Rub a dub dub...Record in the Tub

January 9, 2008
I’m sure that at one point in your life, you have asked yourself, “How come every time I plug into my analog or digital multitrack recorder my tones really
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It’s All in the Hands

December 11, 2007
Yeah, I know – you’ve most likely read the above claim in any number of player interviews and guitar magazines. Or perhaps you have heard this oft-repeated maxim from
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Track You Down

November 9, 2007
This month I’ve decided to take a crucial side trip into an area that is extremely useful for discovering exactly how you sound to both yourself and your respective
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Electric Fingerland, Pt. 3

October 10, 2007
I hope by now you’re all experimenting with anything and everything that comes to mind when it comes to “honing your tone!” This month, we’re going to jump into
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Electric Fingerland, Pt. 2

September 10, 2007
This month we’re going to take a deeper look at the connections between the guitarist and the amplifier he/she is using. Last month, we began simplifying the signal chain
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Electric Fingerland, Pt. 1

August 8, 2007
Fingers and strings, the first step in the chain.
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Heads Up

June 12, 2007
I gotta tell you that some of the things we did to our guitars when I was younger were not the best ideas at the end of the day.
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Don’t Fret

May 14, 2007
Anytime you increase the fret size, the tone of your instrument will be altered– keep in mind that this might not be a bad alteration
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Super String Theory

April 12, 2007
Now that we’ve discussed some general concepts on adjusting and fine-tuning humbucking pickups, let’s examine yet another huge tonal (and magnetic) variable – string choice. What you use here
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The Great ‘70s String Switchover

March 19, 2007
Hi everybody. This month we''re going to talk about some issues that have caused even more disturbance in the signal chain. A good friend of mine from New York
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Optimizing Your Pickups

March 16, 2007
This month we’re going to examine what you can do to tweak your pickups for their optimal performance
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