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Stompboxtober 4: Taurus

October 17, 2013


Enter for your chance to win the Taurus Dexter Octaver. Total retail value $380. Giveaway ends October 18, 2013.Open to all territories except where prohibited by law.

Taurus Dexter
Dexter is an octaver which enables polyphonic transposition of sound up and down an octave. Both octaves can be freely mixed with instrument signal. You can use only upper or lower octave or both at the same time. Polyphony is built by a high-quality 24-bit DSP. The octaver is equipped with regulators of both octaves, which means that you can easily shape the sound of an instrument. With the use of the regulators you can eliminate unwanted tones, which may sometimes appear in octaves and e.g. blur the sound or change the sound of an instrument too much. It turns out that wideband audio processing by an octaver might be undesirable in some situations. This is why the regulators prove to be very useful by allowing a player to create the right sound.