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Stompboxtober 4: Diamond Pedals

October 23, 2013


Enter for your chance to win a Cornerstone, Tremolo or Memory Lane Jr. from Diamond Pedals. Giveaway ends October 24, 2013. Open to all territories except where prohibited by law.

Diamond Cornerstone: Featuring two cascaded, user adjustable gain stages, the Diamond Cornerstone provides everything from edge of breakup through to serious crunch tones. Boost/Cut Midrange control and a bright switch allow the players to dial in a wide variety of sounds. Top mounted, pedalboard friendly input/output jacks, true bypass and standard 9V power. MSRP $179

Diamond Tremolo: With four waveforms including a hard 'chop', 6 modes of operation including rhythmic patterns, accents, kill-switch and random speed options plus onboard tap tempo, the Diamond Tremolo offers everything from traditional to uniquely expressive, creative sounds. True bypass operation and standard 9V power. MSRP $249

Diamond Memory Lane Jr: A digital evolution of our ground breaking Memory Lane analog delays, the Diamond Memory Lane Jr offers unparalleled sound combined with extended delay times up to 1200ms and an intuitive user interface including tap tempo, rhythmic subdivisions and luscious modulation. True bypass or buffered operation and standard 9V power. MSRP $279