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PG Giveaways: EBS TremoLo and Billy Sheehan Signature Drive

October 1, 2013



EBS TremoLo and Billy Sheehan Signature Drive
Enter for your chance to win the EBS TremoLo and Billy Sheehan Signature Drive. Giveaway ends October 8, 2013. Open to all territories except where prohibited by law.

EBS TremoLo - Street Price: $229

The EBS Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal joins the famous Black Label Pedal series. It gives you the choice of vintage type tremolo or sweeping filter effects. The sweep character can be set to three different wave forms: sine, square or sawtooth. The guitar effects pedal operates in mono or true stereo with auto panning of the tremolo effect and features true bypass.

Billy Sheehan Signature Drive - Street Price: $199.95
The Billy Sheehan Signature Drive pedal is developed by EBS in close co-operation with Billy himself. It is based on the concept of mixing together a clean signal with a distorted to be able to preserve low frequencies and find balance between distortion and definition.