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PG Giveaways: Ibanez Iron Label SIR27FDIPT

November 11, 2013

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Enter for your chance to win the Iron Label SIR27FDIPT fro Ibanez Guitars! Street Price: $799. Giveaway ends January 13, 2013. Open to all territories except where prohibited by law.

The Ibanez SIR27FD guitar which is part of the made-for-metal Iron Label line has the form and function of the renowned Ibanez S Series 7-string guitars. Cloaked in an Iron Pewter finish and sleek bound rosewood fretboard makes for a dramatic silhouette. Lurking beneath the S Series' graceful 3-D shape is mahogany specifically chosen for the S Series instruments.

The SIR27FD guitar is amazingly light for comfort and heavy enough to provide the tone and sustain that the S Series is known for. As the originators of the thin, fast neck, the Nitro Wizard neck is yet another achievement in playability, providing the kind of comfort that translates to responsiveness and speed. The best-of-all-under-worlds DiMarzio PAF-7s provides an impressive palette of distorted tone textures.