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‘Guitars That Jam’ Book Excerpt

April 17, 2015
An intimate look at the jam-band scene’s most iconic instruments.
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Case Notes Offers Gear Diary

November 19, 2008
(Birmingham, Alabama) November 19, 2008 -- Have you ever bought a vintage guitar that clearly had some stories to tell, but there was no way of hearing them? Now imagine if
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Sanctuary of Soul

September 10, 2008
Its time to put the guitar at the forefront of our existence, according to our publisher Trent Salter
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Washburn's New Limited Edition Rare Wood Series

September 9, 2008
Washburn calls the acoustics, "The Most Beautiful Guitars in Existence"
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Gibson ES-355TD

March 15, 2007
I bought this guitar around 1972 for $175 including a Kay amplifier, and am the second owner.
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