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Port City


Port City Amps Announces the Merino

July 15, 2015
10-watt tube amp with simple, but useful, volume and tone controls.
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Port City Orleans Bass Preamp Review

July 31, 2013
With their first entry into the realm of bass preamps, Port City has produced a well-constructed unit with a straightforward approach.
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Port City Amps Releases the Brit 50

January 12, 2013
The Brit 50 nails the hot-rodded, British voiced amplifier that we all know and love.
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Port City Amps Releases the Sterling Amplifier

October 5, 2012
The new Sterling is a 50-watt, hand-wired, British voiced single channel amplifier.
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Port City Amps Releases the Pearl Combo with Reverb

April 27, 2012
Port City adds reverb to the pure, rich and dynamic clean tone of their Pearl model.
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Port City Sahana Amp Head and Wave 2x12 Cab Review

July 20, 2010
The Sahana is an EL34-flavored amp with great midrange rock tones.
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