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The Year in Gear 2016

November 28, 2016
Come with us, time travelers, as we revisit a year’s worth of axes, amps, stomps, basses, baritones, and other tools of our music-making trade—all deemed worthy of the Premier Gear Award.
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The New Switcheroo: Three Loop Switchers Reviewed

January 8, 2016
PG tests a trio of powerful new designs—from Carl Martin's plug-and-play Octa-Switch Mk3 to RJM's tricked-out Mastermind PBC and Boss' deep-but-accessibly priced ES-8.
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NAMM '15 - RJM Music Technology Mastermind PBC Switcher Demo

February 13, 2015
Ron Menelli shows off his first switching unit designed for use on a pedalboard.
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RJM Music Technology Unveils the Mastermind PBC

December 24, 2014
A MIDI controller that features ten true bypass audio loops.
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RJM Music Technology Introduces the Switch Gizmo

July 25, 2013
New device that allows you to control amp channel switching without the amp's footswitch.
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RJM Music Technology Now Shipping Mastermind GT MIDI Controller

June 4, 2013
RJM is now shipping their flagship MIDI controller, the Mastermind GT
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RJM Music Technology Introduces the Rack Gizmo

November 3, 2011
The Rack Gizmo is a MIDI-based device that enables guitarists to control virtually any combination of available amplifiers and effects units with a simple MIDI footswitch.
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NAMM '11 - RJM Music Tech Mastermind GT Prototype

February 21, 2011
PG's Brett Petrusek is On Location at the 2011 NAMM Show where he visits the RJM Music Technology booth. In this segment, we get to check out their newest product--the Mastermind GT Prototype assingable/custom switcher.
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RJM Mastermind MIDI Controller Review

February 16, 2009
The RJM MasterMind is an easy-to-use MIDI controller
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RJM Music Technology: Killing the Tap Dance One Rig at a Time

March 28, 2008
Upstart builder quickly finds his niche: minimizing stompage
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