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Suhr Introduces the Kiko Loureiro Signature Shiba Drive ReLoaded Pedal

November 22, 2016
The circuit has been updated to offer greater clarity and low-end response.
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Suhr Unveils the Dual Boost

February 9, 2016
The Dual Boost features two independent modes each with their own Boost and Hi-Cut controls.
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Tools for the Task: PAF-Style Pickups

October 16, 2015
Ten PAF-style options to freshen your tone.
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Tone Tips: The Lowdown on Load Boxes, Attenuators, and Reamps

April 29, 2015
Making your amp work for you in any situation.
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Rig Rundown: Maroon 5’s James Valentine [2015]

March 12, 2015
The mega-selling pop outfit’s 6-string guru shows us his vintage Teles, Matchless and Suhr amps, and ultra-flexible pedal and rack setup.
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Suhr Announces the Rufus ReLoaded Fuzz

March 2, 2015
A powerful, easy to play octave-up, that responds evenly.
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Rig Rundown: Wayne Krantz

February 25, 2015
The jazz-rock maverick spills the details on his no-frills, get-it-done setup.
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Tone Tips: Decoding the PAF Humbucker

February 2, 2015
Why are these pickups so popular? And why does their sound vary so much from unit to unit?
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Tone Tips: A Working Guitarist’s Arsenal

November 12, 2014
Being a well-rounded sideman and session player requires more than just a couple of guitars.
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Melissa Etheridge: Guitar Storyteller

October 10, 2014
From a badminton racket to her signature Ovation and various 12-string obsessions in between, one of rock’s reigning queens shares a few of her favorite guitar things.
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Suhr Announces the Rufus Fuzz

April 17, 2014
The Rufus is equipped with a three-band EQ along with Multi-Function Technology.
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Suhr Announces Reloaded Versions of Riot and Shiba Drive

August 16, 2013
Suhr updates their Riot and Shiba Drive pedals and launches their Reloaded series.
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Suhr Releases Corso Recording Amplifier

February 8, 2013
Lake Elsinore, CA (February 8, 2013) -- Suhr recently released the Corso Recording Amplifier, which is designed for studio use. Here are the details from their website: OVERVIEW The
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Suhr Announces Koji Compressor and Hedgehog Amp

February 7, 2013
Suhr Guitars have announced the release of the Koji Comp–an all analog compressor–and the Hedgehog, a 50-watt, single channel amp with a cascaded overdrive section.
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Suhr and Make'n Music Release Modern Pro Limited Edition Guitars

December 12, 2012
Limited line aimed giving Suhr Custom Shop quality with more affordable pricing and immediate availability.
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Suhr Introduces the Buffer Pedal

December 10, 2012
The Buffer utilizes only the highest quality components such as: low noise audiophile Op-Amps, Glass Epoxy PCB, and an machined billet aluminum enclosure.
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LA Amp Show '11 - Suhr Badger 35 & Rasmus Guitars Guthrie Govan Signature Model Demos

November 7, 2011
PG's Charles Saufley is On Location at the 2011 LA Amp Show where he visits the Suhr Guitars and Rasmus room. In this segment, we get to see and hear demos of their newest amplifier and guitar -- the Badger 35 head and the Rasmus Guthrie Govan Signature Model.
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Ten Years After: celebrating a decade of Suhr Guitars

September 3, 2008
In both a literal and metaphysical sense, John Suhr is a hard man to pin down. Not only was it difficult for him to find enough time to chat
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