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Lollar Staple P-90 Pickup Review

December 29, 2016
A fine replica of a “forgotten” pickup.
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Railhammer Pickups Launches the Huevos 90

August 11, 2016
Classic P-90 tone with extra fat and punch.
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Lollar Unveils Staple Pickup

August 3, 2016
A modern interpretation of Gibson's famed pickup from the 1950s.
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SNAMM '16 - TV Jones Starwood Series Strat Pickups and T-90 Demos

July 3, 2016
Know for Filter'Trons, Tom Jones steps outside his sweet spot and delivers delicious options for Strat players and P-90 lovers.
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Railhammer Launches the Nuevo 90 Pickup

May 10, 2016
An evolved version of the classic P-90, but without the hum.
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House of Tone Pickups Releases the Heavy House P94

September 17, 2015
A humbucker-sized P90 based on a Gibson P94 but with Forbon fibreboard bobbins.
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ThroBak Introduces the Pro-90 Pickup

October 23, 2014
The pickup aims for the sound of a vintage P-90 pickup by using ThroBak’s proprietary Vintage Core specifications.
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Cult Coils: Lesser-Known Vintage Pickups

August 14, 2014
These six models boast fine tones and unique personalities, but they’ve never quite gotten their due.
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Summer NAMM '14 - Palir Guitars Classic T6 Paisley & Porter Pickups T90 Demos

July 29, 2014
See and hear Palir's newest T-style in action as it's loaded with USA-made, handwound pickups.
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Railhammer Pickups Launches the Tel 90

February 14, 2014
The Tel 90 is a tonal cross between a P90 and Tele.
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McNelly Guitars Announces Stagger Swagger Pickup

February 10, 2014
The Stagger Swagger offers P-90 tone in a noise-cancelling humbucker-sized package.
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Humbucker-Sized P-90 Review Roundup

December 17, 2013
Eight pickup sets that’ll transform your Les Paul into a Special, or breathe sparkling new life into any other humbucker-equipped axe.
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Railhammer Pickups Release the Gnarly 90 Pickup

October 4, 2013
The new Gnarly 90 pickup is designed to give you a P-90 sound in a standard humbucker-sized shape.
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McNelly Guitars Introduced Saint Nick Pickups

September 12, 2013
McNelly Guitars' new line of pickups aims to capture the punchy sound of P-90s.
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Schertler Introduces Magentico Pickups

April 8, 2013
At this year’s Frankfurt Musikmesse, Swiss manufacturer Schertler introduces MAGNETICO, a revolutionary new magnetic pickup series for fretted instruments.
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P-90 Primer

January 15, 2009
The history behind the fabled P-90
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