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Tools for the Task: String Changing Accessories

May 8, 2015
Take the hassle of changing strings down a few notches.
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CruzTools Unveils New Truss Rod Wrenches

January 9, 2015
Two sizes are available–4mm and 5mm–to address most makes and models of acoustic guitars.
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Mad Hatter Guitar Products Introduces the Solderless Tone-Shaping System

December 5, 2014
With the flip of a switch change the values of volume and tone potentiometers from 500k to 250k and vice versa.
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Tools for the Task: Guitar Humidifiers

November 14, 2014
A peek at a few of the many options that will help you keep your cherished axes properly humidified.
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Tools for the Task: Guitar Hangers

October 17, 2014
Be it lack of floor space, wanting to display your treasures instead of keeping them in the closet, the desire to have an axe or five within reach when inspiration hits, or keeping them out of reach from your curious cats and shorties, here are some of the numerous options out there for hanging your guitars out of harm’s way.
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PigHog Cables Releases PigPower 9V Adapter

June 18, 2014
The adapter offers 1000mA of power and can feed up to 10 pedals.
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CruzTOOLS Announces Stagehand Tool Kit

June 11, 2014
The Stagehand includes a 19-piece magnetic bit set and screwdriver-style bit holder.
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Guitar Shop 101: The Guitarist’s Essential Toolkit

March 28, 2014
Here’s a description of the tools you need to handle routine maintenance tasks.
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RJM Music Technology Introduces the Switch Gizmo

July 25, 2013
New device that allows you to control amp channel switching without the amp's footswitch.
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A&S Introduces SLAM Racks and Cases

February 27, 2013
North Hollywood, CA (February 27, 2013) -- A&S has launched their newest line of pro-quality touring gear: SLAM™Racks & Cases. The new SLAM™ products represent the 21st century evolution
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