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Tuning Up

Premier Guitar Editor-in-Chief Shawn Hammond imparts his unique perspective on what it means to be a guitar player in his monthly Tuning Up blog.


Tuning Up: An Homage to the Fixx’s Jamie West-Oram

December 26, 2016
PG chief Shawn Hammond finally tracks down a favorite out-of-print LP from his youth.
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Tuning Up: Let’s Acknowledge the Caveman in the Room

November 20, 2016
PG chief editor Shawn Hammond on why it’s time to move beyond dominant-male guitar lingo.
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Tuning Up: Vocal Cords—the Final Guitar Frontier?

October 24, 2016
You’ve spent your life learning from 6- and 4-string idols. Now it’s time to listen to the singer.
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Tuning Up: Stop #&@#-ing Starbucking Us, Man!

September 19, 2016
PG’s Shawn Hammond on moving beyond groupthink and cyclical fads.
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Tuning Up: Screw “5 Things Every Guitarist Should Do” Lists

August 18, 2016
PG chief editor Shawn Hammond on why guitar-playing listicles are bad-news bears that push his filthy-mouth buttons.
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Tuning Up: Poor, Unappreciated Steel

June 29, 2016
Forget pedals, guitars, and amps! Dollar for dollar, a metal flatpick may be the most liberating and impactful tone discovery you ever make.
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Tuning Up: Dial-A-Swede! (Sentiments of Random Scandinavian 6-Stringers)

May 31, 2016
PG’s Shawn Hammond calls halfway around the world to get the straight dope on Yngwie, ABBA, and all that goddamn metal.
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Tuning Up: Closed-Minded Insecure A$$hole Syndrome Redux

May 5, 2016
PG chief editor Shawn Hammond admits his own a$$hole-ishness … and doubles down on the folly of dismissing hip-hop.
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Tuning Up: How to Detect Closed-Minded Insecure A$$hole Syndrome

April 4, 2016
Here’s a hint: If you agreed with Gene Simmons’ latest foot-in-mouth incident, you definitely have it.
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Tuning Up: Burn Your Woodshed (Gambling and the Creativity Paradox)

March 18, 2016
What science says about the likelihood of you hitting guitar gold.
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Tuning Up: The Periodic Pedal-Purge Imperative

February 29, 2016
The straight dope on why a stripped-down sonic self-inventory is a must for every stompbox junky.
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Tuning Up: Death to Asinine Clickbait!

January 18, 2016
Yes, we get the headline irony, but here’s our solemn promise to not shovel you sh!t.
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Tuning Up: The Fingerprint Removal Conundrum

December 16, 2015
The nagging question that eats at everyone from Edward Van Halen to Jonny Greenwood, Adam Ant, and us average 6-string proles.
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Tuning Up: The Devil & Scumbag College

November 19, 2015
PG’s Shawn Hammond prescribes an exorcism for shoulder demons that try to meddle with your music.
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Tuning Up: A Call to Literate Guitar Dweebs

October 21, 2015
This isn’t a request for your resume. It’s a plea to build one.
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Tuning Up: The System vs. the Dignity of the Soul

September 18, 2015
Splattered eggs, “Norwegian Wood,” and sexy vigilante assassins—what the hell is PG’s Shawn Hammond on about this time?
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Tuning Up: Damn Right, I’ve Got a Chip on My Shoulder!

August 2, 2015
PG chief Shawn Hammond pauses to take stock of his most jarring Summer NAMM encounter.
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Tuning Up: Record or Die!

June 29, 2015
Forget the woodshed—invest in some cheap recording gear and witness the unparalleled power and wonder of the 21st-century studio.
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Tuning Up: The Infantilization of Guitar (or “Hulk Fight Robot. Hulk RAD!”)

May 31, 2015
How to avoid dumbing-down your playing and honor the true spirit of your heroes.
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Tuning Up: Musikmesse Zeitgeist - Top 10 Moments from Frankfurt

May 11, 2015
The jet lag’s almost gone, but certain memories from the big Frankfurt gear show will never go away….
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