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NAMM '14 - Fret-King Jerry Donahue-Duncan Signature | Vintage V58JDAB Jerry Donahue Demos

February 24, 2014
Mr. Hellecaster chats with PG about his two new signature models and even rips proper on both.
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Builder Profile: Trev Wilkinson

November 16, 2011
Wilkinson merges his Fret-King house with Britain’s Vintage guitars.
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Video Review - Fret King Green Label Corona 60 HB

July 20, 2009
PG's Bob Goffstein reviews the Fret King Green Label Corona 60 HB. In this video review, Bob walks us through the Corona HB's appointments and the things that it make different from a standard Strat. These differences include the integral neck, a humbucker in the bridge position, a "Wilkaloid" nut, the laminated plastic pickguard that features a "vintique gold 24 carat" design and the Wilkinson VSV High Performance Vibrato System. The VSV Vibrato system was a pleasant surprise for Bob who admits he's not a fan or regular user of vibrato systems.
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