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Cara Guitars


Cara Guitars Unveils the 10th Avenue Deluxe

December 16, 2016
Features include a custom DiMarzio humbucker, 16" radius fretboard, and 24" scale length.
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Cara Guitars and Gene Simmons Team up for the Limited Edition Chrome Axe

January 18, 2013
Each instrument is individually chromed and custom built.
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Cara Guitars Announces the ClapTone Pedal

January 11, 2013
Cara Hot Rod Guitars has announced their foray into pedals with the ClapTone pedal, which puts Fender''s Mid-Range Boost in a stompbox.
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5 Hot Rodders You Should Meet

January 15, 2009
We talk to Jim Cara, Lee Garver, Lindy Fralin, Ken Warmoth and Sara Ray about what they do and what the term Hot Rod means to them
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