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Tube Head


EVH Announces the 5150IIIS 100S EL34 and Wolfgang Special Models

June 23, 2016
The EL34 power tubes deliver smoother contours and greater sag and saturation.
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3rd Power Amplification Unveils the Citizen Gain CSR

June 21, 2016
The amp pulls design elements from both the Dual Citizen and Citizen Gain.
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Todd Sharp Amplifiers Introduces the JOAT 30RT

June 13, 2016
Expands upon award winning flagship model the JOAT 20RT with 30 watts of power with two additional output tubes in unique output stage configuration.
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Schroeder SA9+ Review

June 8, 2016
Clean headroom heaven!
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Marshall JCM 25/50 2555X Silver Jubilee Review

June 2, 2016
An elusive Marshall rarity reappears—reminding us how dynamic and versatile these big Brits can be.
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Mojotone Introduces the Studio One Amplifier Kit

May 31, 2016
A DIY kit that can drive anything from a 1x8 speaker cabinet all the way up to a 4x12 without breaking noise regulations.
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Sanford Magnetics Introduces the Aeronaut Amp

May 16, 2016
A new 30-watt with an unusual low-voltage, high-current design.
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Revv Amplification Unveils Newly Revamped Generator 100 & 120 Heads

April 27, 2016
The upgrades to the 120 include an improved Channel 3 in a more compact chassis.
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Panama Guitars Unveils the Fuego X

April 15, 2016
15 Watts of power via a pair of EL84s.
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Tone King Amplification Releases the Royalist 45 Mk II and the Ironman II Mini Precision Reactive Power Attenuator

March 25, 2016
The MK II features a single channel preamp and an all-tube signal path with three 12AX7A preamp tubes and two EL34 output tubes.
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Dr. Z Amps Introduces the DB4

March 25, 2016
A British-sounding amp designed in collaboration with Brad Paisley.
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Two-Rock Amplification Introduces the Cardiff

March 23, 2016
A 15-watt EL84 amp with less compression, fuller/fatter midrange and stout low end.
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Ventura Valve Amps VVA50 Review

March 21, 2016
An ultra-versatile boutique head at a musician-friendly price.
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Todd Sharp Amps Unveils the JOAT 20RT

March 1, 2016
The JOAT circuit employs a unique approach to gain and tone architecture utilizing rotary selector switches.
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NAMM '16 - Mojotone '58 Quiet Coil S-style Pickup Set, Deacon, and MT Pilot Demos

February 25, 2016
Hear a new, vintage-inspired set of S-style pickups and two new tube heads—one loaded with 6V6s and another with KT66s.
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NAMM '16 - Marshall Amplification Code Series Amps & 2525 Mini Jubilee Demos

February 23, 2016
The British amp outfit shows off a line of flexible new modeling amps, and an homage to the brand's popular late-'80s tube series.
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NAMM '16 - Bad Cat Cub 40R Demo

February 17, 2016
Get introduced to the new handwired EL34-powered head that features onboard reverb.
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NAMM '16 - Bogner Goldfinger 54 Phi Demo

February 15, 2016
Check out Reinhold Bogner's new head that can switch between 6L6 and 6V6 power tubes.
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Milkman Sound Introduces the Dairy Air

February 11, 2016
A simple straightforward amp that serves as the perfect pedal platform.
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Panama Guitars Releases the Loco 15 Amp

February 10, 2016
The amp features a straightforward dual-voiced three-knob format enclosed in a handcrafted exotic Zorrowood and Spanish Cedar cabinet.
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