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Deep Purple


Rig Rundown: Deep Purple’s Steve Morse

August 12, 2015
The guitarist details the signature Ernie Ball Music Man guitars, Engl amps, and specialized effects he uses on the road.
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DVD Review: Deep Purple "Phoenix Rising"

August 16, 2011
Phoenix Rising captures a potentially mind-blowing manifestation of the band storming Japan in December 1975, but this version of Deep Purple rarely catches fire in the manner of the classic Machine Head–era unit.
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Secrets of the Masters: "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple

December 17, 2009
The sound engineers at OEM Inc. have spent thousands of hours with the original masters of the most famous songs ever recorded. In a new monthly feature, we''ll be bringing you their findings. This month, they share the stories behind Deep Purple''s "Smoke on the Water."
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