Friedman Amps

August Issue


Acoustic Soundboard

With an alternating contributing blogger schedule featuring acoustic-industry leaders Mark Dalton, Larry Fishman, and Rick Turner, Premier Guitar’s monthly Acoustic Soundboard blog is your portal to all things acoustic guitar.

Ask Amp Man

It’s no secret that tube amps require regular TLC to sound their best. But it doesn’t stop there: Tweaking key components can yield dramatic sonic benefits—but you have to know what you’re doing. Whether you’re looking for more gain, higher clean headroom, or simply want to return an old combo or head to its former glory, amp guru Jeff Bober has the answers you’re looking for. Got questions? Shoot him an email at

Bottom Feeder

When it comes to hunting down great deals on inexpensive instruments, Will Ray is a master. In his Bottom Feeder blog, he shares photos of his latest finds and details what it takes to get a bargain-basement guitar in working order.

Ear to the Ground

The blog about new guitar music you should hear—now.

Esoterica Electrica

Jol Dantzig knows a thing or two about guitars. And in our monthly Esoterica Electrica blog, the famed guitar designer and builder offers up his often humorous take on topics from the state of lutherie to the guitar industry as a whole.

Gear of the Month

Each month, we spotlight a piece of gear with a particularly interesting story to tell. If you think you've got something that fits the bill, send the story, with high-resolution pictures, to

Guitar Shop 101

Dedicated guitarists need to know how to maintain their prized instruments. Nashville guitar tech John LeVan shares all his tips and techniques in this photo-rich blog, and if you wonder what it takes to keep your guitar in gig-worthy condition, Guitar Shop 101 provides the answers. If there’s a topic you’d like to see addressed, drop LeVan an email at

Guitar Tracks

In our monthly Guitar Tracks blog, recording engineer/producer/author/instructor Mitch Gallagher provides invaluable tips on everything from mic placement to software and hardware to sound control for your home studio.

Last Call

In his monthly Last Call blog, Nashville-based guitarist John Bohlinger muses on life as a working musician, connecting to music on a deeper level, and surviving touring. Great insights delivered with humor—just what we all need on a regular basis.

Mod Garage

Love to hot-rod your guitar? Let Dirk Wacker show you how to do it right. In his Mod Garage blog, he explores cool projects , shares wiring diagrams, and even manages to weave some historical perspective into the technical details.

Modern Builder Vault

PG's monthly Modern Builder Vault spotlights some of today's most promising luthiers. Learn about their build philosophy and back story, and treat yourself to some eye candy as you flip through the top examples of each builder's work.

On Bass

In our monthly On Bass blog, Nashville-based touring and session bassists Steve Cook and Victor Brodén alternate each month with a low-ender's perspective on the biz.

State of the Stomp

Pedal geeks are on an eternal quest for more stompbox lore. Design, function, history, and the latest technology—it’s all covered here by a rotating cast of experts that includes Ben Fulton, Kevin Bolembach, and Gregg Stock, Pete Celi, and other wizards from Strymon.

Bass Bench

Not only is Heiko Hoepfinger on top of the latest bass technology, he delights in challenging assumptions we all make about the instrument. For cutting-edge ideas and concepts pertaining to the low end, visit his Bass Bench blog.

Tone Tips

In our monthly Tone Tips blog, L.A.-based guitarist Peter Thorn shares his wealth of real-world knowledge by offering up useful gear and tone advice for both aspiring road dogs and studio cats.

Trash or Treasure

Curious about the value of that guitar you just found in your grandpa’s attic? In our bimonthly Trash or Treasure blog, Zachary Fjestad, respected author of the Blue Book series of resource books, answers readers' emails about the history and value of their gear. Send your questions to to be featured in an upcoming post.

Tuning Up

Premier Guitar Editor-in-Chief Shawn Hammond imparts his unique perspective on what it means to be a guitar player in his monthly Tuning Up blog.

Vintage Vault

If you crave collectable gear, Vintage Vault will feed your jones. Each month Dave Rogers, Laun Braithwaite, and Tim Mullally deliver gorgeous photos of some of the world’s finest vintage guitars and amps, along with the history behind each piece and essential background on its makers.