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Vince Gill


Rig Rundown - Vince Gill & Paul Franklin

July 31, 2013
Vince Gill and Paul Franklin discuss the gear they used when recording Bakersfield.
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Album Review: Vince Gill and Paul Franklin - "Bakersfield"

July 23, 2013
On "Bakersfield," Vince Gill and pedal-steel guitarist Paul Franklin pay homage to what many people consider the Golden Age of country.
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GALLERY: Vince Gill’s Touring Gear

November 30, 2011
The vintage axes and boutique amps Gill relies on live.
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Vince Gill: Song Slinger

November 15, 2011
Vince Gill discusses his love for vintage gear, what makes certain guitars special, playing with Sting, and Guitar Slinger–his first album in five years.
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CD Review: Vince Gill - "Guitar Slinger"

September 20, 2011
Guitar Slinger is not a self-indulgent guitar-nut record, which will make sense to long-time fans drawn to Gill’s reserved style.
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Liza Jane - Vince Gill, Jedd Hughes

September 15, 2008
Duesenberg & 65 Amps Endless Summer Party presents the song "Liza Jane" played by Vince Gill, Seymour Duncan and Judd Hughes

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