Premier Guitar is constantly partnering with manufacturers and retailers from around the industry to bring you amazing gear giveaways week after week on! Check out our winners thus

Premier Guitar is constantly partnering with manufacturers and retailers from around the industry to bring you amazing gear giveaways week after week on! Check out our winners thus far from 2013 below.
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Dean Cramer of Round Hill, VA (Ibanez AR420VLS)

Joe Tabera of Huntington Beach, CA (ProGuitarShop Pedalboard)
Adam Yoblonski of New Westminster, British Columbia (Fryer Brian May Treble Boost)
Thomas Wood of Indiana, PA (D'Addario Prize Pack)
Matthew Snyder of Toledo, OH (D'Addario Prize Pack)
Perry Mcpherson of Duluth, GA (D'Addario Prize Pack)
Ray Fairbanks of Leesburg, VA (D'Addario Prize Pack)
Dan Couture of Alexandria, Ontario (D'Addario Prize Pack)
Wayne Lecoy of Winnipeg, Manitoba (D'Addario Prize Pack)
Jeff Bissette of Bailey, NC (D'Addario Prize Pack)
Alan Wade of St. John, IN (D'Addario Prize Pack)
George Seaton of Scottsdale, AZ (D'Addario Prize Pack)
John Ireland of Spring Valley, CA (D'Addario Prize Pack)
Jeremy Jarrat of Florence, KY (ZT Lunchbox Amp)
Tim Tynes of Burleson, TX (Dunlop Joe Bonamassa Cry Baby)
Clyde Tornes of Woodland Hills, CA (Empress Effects Super Delay)

Chris Cotne of Bronxville, NY
Brent Rader of Minneapolis, MN (Aspri Creative Acoustic Reverb)

Sean Goolsby of Bryan, TX (Aspri Creative Acoustic Reverb)
Darcy Slowski of Yorkton, SK (Aspri Creative Acoustic Reverb)
Elihud Rojas of Anaheim, CA (Goby Labs Universal Guitar Stand)
Ian Perge of Evansville, IN (Goby Labs Universal Guitar Stand)
Ron Peterson of Salem, OR (Goby Labs Universal Guitar Stand)
Charles Schmidt of Sterling, VA (Mad Professor Electric Blue Chorus)
Chuck Agresta of Wilmington, NC (Kemper Profiling Amp)
James Hall of Harold, KY (Schroeder Chopper GI)
Brett Walston of Centennial, CO (Audio-Technica Wireless Guitar System)
Mike McAvoy of Pittsfield, MA (Caroline Guitar Co. Icarus Boost)

Phil Smith of Sebastopol, CA (G&L M-2000 Tribute bass)
Emil Toth of Silver Spring, MD (Earthquaker Devices Hoof Fuzz from Guitar Riot)

Simon Pellett of Manchester, NH (Red Witch Seven Sisters Pedals)

Joel Rudy of Shenandoah Junction, WV (PRS NS-14)

Kevin Johnson of Fort Myers, FL (PRS NS-14)

Joe Saintomas of Apex, NC (T-Rex Tonebug Sensewah)

Niles Frantz of Chicago, IL (Aspri Creative Reverb)

Ewing Falla of Barcelona, Spain (Buffalo FX Germanium Fuzz)
Justin Tannehill of Findlay, OH (Recording King RO-310)

Bob Phelps of Louisville, KY (Breedlove Studio C250/SFe)

Edward Harmicar of Salem, OH (Valvetrain Trenton 2x10V)
Gage Kinard of Greenwood,SC (Jet City The FLood Analog Delay)
Kevin Ryan of Saint Cloud, FL (Catalinbread Galileo)

Gregg Markus of Omaha, NE (Black Cat Pedals Mini Trem)
Joseph E Jones of Willingboro, NJ (Empress Effects Pedalboard)
Brett Ardiel of Sherwood Park, Alberta (G&L Buckshot)

Nathan Golden of Lake Hiawatha, NJ (Stetsbar Tremolo)
David Tschirhart of Sterling Heights, MI (Summer Survival Day#1)

Darren Vincent of Corner Brook, NL (Summer Survival Day #2)
James Higgins of Gladsden, AL (Summer Survival Day #3)
Guillermo Gonzalez of Los Angeles, CA (Summer Survival Day #4)

Gil Cloyd of Wildwwod, MO (Summer Survival Day #5)
Vance Bass of Albuquerque, NM(Summer Survival Day #6)
Mike Hoebeke of Cedar Park, TX (Summer Survival Day #7)
Geoff Pulsifer of Saco, ME (Summer Survival Day #8)
Nick Walker of Wichita, KS (Summer Survival Day #9)
Bill Athon of Conyers, GA (Summer Survival Day #10)

Bill Avanda of Alachua, FL (Summer Survival Day #11)

 Calin Hess of Bountiful, UT (Summer Survival Day #11)

Lare Sattler of Canton, OH (Summer Survival Day #11)
 Luciano Dibacco of Halifax, NS (Summer Survival Day #11)

 Kerry McKinney of Manchester, CT (Summer Survival Day #11)
 Justin Wetz of Johnston, IA (Summer Survival Day #12)
 Richard Shelby of St. Louis, MO (Summer Survival Day #13)

 Jeanette Stehr-Green of Port Angeles, WA (Summer Survival Day #14)

 Richard Steffen of South Burlington, VT ( Summer Survival Day #15)

 Dennis Cullen of New York, NY (Summer Survival Day #16)

 Erik Culp of Toronto, ON (Summer Survival Day #16)

 Alan Thompson of Tujunga, CA (Summer Survival Day #17)

Dave Eichenberger of New Port Richey, FL (Summer Survival #18)

 Jeremy Gotthardt of Greendwood, IN (Summer Survival Day #19)

 Dale Terrien of Yorba Linda, CA (Summer Survival Day #19)

 Steve Fedyk of Regina, SK ( Summer Survival Day #19)
 Broc Wickland of Kingman, AZ( Summer Survival Day #19)
 Nicholas Silipo of East Hampton, NY ( Summer Survival Day #19)
 Jake Leach of Kodiak, AK (Summer Survival day #20)

 Gary Healy of Limerick, Ireland (Summer Survival day #21)
 Daniel SChmidt of Elgin, IL (Summer Survival day #22)
 Gary Clemen of Cleveland, OH(Summer Survival day #23)
 Ralph Bizokas of Braintree, ME (Summer Survival day #23)
 Robert Read of Mt. Prospect IL (Summer Survival day #23)
Ryan Stanley of Pelzer, SC (Eastwood Classic 6)
Chad Reed of Weldon, NC (Diamond Pedals Quantum Leap)
Vic DeFlorio of Cranford, NJ (Moog Music LE Mooger Fooger Lineup)

 Matt Barker of Chesterfield, UK (Godlyke/Maxon Killswitch Engage Pedalboard - RUNNER UP)

 Christian Bracey of Gants Pass, OR (Godlyke/Maxon Killswitch Engage Pedalboard - GRAND PRIZE)

 John Rackley of Kirkland, WA (GJ2 Glendora NLT)

 Brian Gainey of Depew, NY (Gibson 50th Anniversary Firebird) 

 David Geier of Richmond, IN (Eastman Ultimate Recording Rig) 

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All giveaway winners are randomly drawn and notified via email by Premier Guitar staff. Prospective winners must verify their correct contact and shipping information prior to any prize fulfillment.
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The 20 Coolest Guitar Shops in the US, Vol. 1
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"It’s, of course, almost impossible to crystallize something in words that is beyond words. I think the combination of music and words is so much more powerful than simply the written word. If you can get those two things in balance, it can almost make you understand what is beyond understanding.”

Photo by Frank White

The songwriter and multi-instrumentalist resurrects Porcupine Tree’s spectral, desolate sound after a 12-year hiatus with Closure/Continuation, bringing listeners both long-awaited catharsis and new hope for the future.

In 2010, Steven Wilson was standing onstage at the Royal Albert Hall in London with his band Porcupine Tree before a sold-out crowd. He hadn’t yet told his bandmates that it would be their last show—at least for a while. The band had been engaged in what felt like a relentless cycle of recording and touring for the 17 years leading up to that point. Despite having gained a dedicated following, they’d never had a hit nor the support of mainstream radio and television—yet they were constantly being told their next record would be the one to break through. But with 10 albums to their name, that still hadn’t happened. Wilson was tired.

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