February 2019

Roll Like a Rockstar Giveaway - Asterope Cables

This Asterope gear is a part of the "Roll Like a Rockstar" Giveaway.

Asterope cable
The Asterope Pro Stage Series is ideal for more demanding environments when consistency, control and durability are essential to a successful performance.

The Asterope Pro Stage Series provides artists and engineers a product that is clearly superior whether at a casual rehearsal or a large production.


• Decades of research and development across a number of scientific disciplines have resulted in a major breakthrough in cable design.

• Ultra-efficient signal flow increases bandwidth and harmonic response and improves the overall sound of all audio electronics.

• Asterope delivers a broader bandwidth of sound than traditional cables, allowing the listener to actually “feel” the difference… This phenomenon is referred to as “hyper-sonics." It must be experienced first hand. Hearing is believing!