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Acoustic Gear Showcase 2016

Acoustic Gear Showcase 2016

Check out this year's Acoustic Gear Showcase!


Gibson Acoustic

L-00 Standard

The legendary Gibson small body with a full J-45 sound. Developed in the 30’s, the L-00 was for years an industry standard. The 2016 L-00 Standard captures the heritage of those exemplary early models. So perfectly balanced that the L-00 has unparalleled projection not found in comparable small body guitars. Spec’d just like the iconic J-45 this small body guitar features mother-of-pearl Gibson headstock logo, black Graph Tech Tusq nut, and nickel mini Grover tuners. Upgraded with LR Baggs Element VTC pickup system with Volume, Tone, and Compression.

Street Price: $3,008

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Platinum Pro EQ and Stage Preamps

Designed for players looking for a pro-quality preamp/DI for their acoustic guitar, violin, cello, bass, resonator guitar, banjo, mandolin or other acoustic instruments that may be too small or too precious to have an onboard preamp.

The all-analog Platinum Pro EQ and Platinum Stage universal instrument preamps deliver incredibly accurate sonic detail for any acoustic instrument. Their discrete, high-headroom Class-A preamp uses precision, high-speed circuitry for the highest fidelity and low distortion. Classic Fishman tone is combined with a switchable guitar/bass EQ mode, making more universal for recording and performing musicians. The new Platinums integrate critical performance features like adjustable volume boost, balanced XLR D.I. outputs housed in a beautiful, road-ready design.

PRO-PLT-301 Platinum Stage: $239.99
PRO-PLT-201 Platinum Pro EQ: $475.99

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Martin introduces the new GPCX1RAE full-sized Grand Performance acoustic-electric cutaway model featuring Rosewood pattern high-pressure laminate (HPL) back & sides. 

The tonality of this affordable guitar is enhanced with a top bookmatched from solid Sitka spruce, while durable black Richlite® is chosen for the fingerboard and bridge. Designed for enhanced playability, this 14-fret X series guitar comes equipped with the Fishman® Sonitone sound reinforcement system, offering active plug-in capability for stage and studio use.

Street Price: $929

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Martin Strings

SP Lifespan Strings

Rich tone should last as long as the inspiration does. Martin SP Lifespan strings are the next level in studio performance. Treated for long life, they repel dirt, grit and other environmental elements that can quickly alter the sound of your strings. The treatment is so incredibly thin, you won't even know it's there. SP Lifespans are designed to last longer and sound better so you can play on!

Street Price: $14.62

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Paramount Series PM-3 Deluxe Triple-0

Rich tone should last as long as the inspiration does. Martin SP Lifespan strings are the next level in studio performance. Treated for long life, they repel dirt, grit and other environmental elements that can quickly alter the sound of your strings. The treatment is so incredibly thin, you won't even know it's there. SP Lifespans are designed to last longer and sound better so you can play on!

Street Price: $999.99

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Cort Guitars and Basses

Grand Regal GA5F

The new Grand Regal Series from Cort is based on the popular Grand Auditorium body shape that sits right in between the dreadnaught and concert-size shapes for a full but balanced sound. The 45mm nut width also makes it ideal for fingerstyle playing. Offered in various models with solid Sitka spruce top with mahogany back and sides, solid European spruce top with Madagascar rosewood back and sides and solid red cedar top with blackwood back and sides, the Grand Regal Series offers variety of choices to suit virtually any musical style and taste.

Street Price: $399.99

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Batson Guitars


The New Batson Acoustics are design-built to replicate the looks, sound, and feel of the more expensive handmade Batson custom acoustic guitars known among professional players for their exceptional voicing and versatility. Batson’s signature voice and design allow players to extract a wide array of sonic tones and textures from the guitars ranging from finger-style folk and soft, sultry jazz licks to full-tilt bluegrass flat-picking and driving rhythms.

Custom features include:

Custom armrest bevel
Sonic side-soundport
Proprietary Tailpiece Bridge
Cantilevered Fretboard
Hybrid Lattice Bracing
All solid wood construction
Flamed Maple Binding and Bevel
Venetian Cutaway
1.75” Bone nut and saddle
Batson Clear Voice UST Piezo Electronics
21:1 Gear Ratio Tuning Machines
Deluxe Hard Shell Case

The Troubadour
Our New Singer-Songwriter guitar
Sitka Spruce top
East Indian Rosewood sides and back

MSRP: $2,430, intro price $1,699

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Batson Guitars


The New Batson Acoustics
Americana – The folk guitar
Mahogany sides and back
Sitka Spruce top

MSRP: $2,300, intro price $1,599

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Batson Guitars


Gypsy – The fingerstyle guitar
East Indian Rosewood sides and back
Western Red Cedar top

MSRP: $2,430 intro price, $1,699

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PRS Guitars

SE Angelus Acoustics

PRS SE Angelus acoustics provide professional quality and dependability for players of all levels at an excellent value. Specifications include solid wood tops, bone nuts/saddles, PRS’s hybrid bracing design, and trademark PRS bird inlays and headstock design. The cutaway provides easy access to upper frets, and undersaddle electronics come standard on all models (tone/volume soundhole controls).
Where the models diverge is in their wood appointments. The A10E features all-mahogany body construction for warmth and punch. The SE Alex Lifeson thinline acoustic, designed with the Rush guitarist to mirror his Private Stock model, is a powerful, road-worthy guitar. The A20E pairs a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides and rosewood fretboard and bridge for lush tone with a uniform string-to-string balance. And, finally, the A30E is appointed with rosewood back and sides and an ebony fretboard and bridge for an overtone-rich sound of bell-like highs and full bass response.

Street Price: $599 - $829

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Breedlove Stringed Instruments

Oregon Concert LTD

Beautiful to look upon as well as hear, this superb instrument draws its sonic power and clarity from the Pacific Northwest-grown myrtlewood top, back and sides. Primarily used as a body wood, for the Oregon Concert LTD we’ve also used it as a top wood, creating a voice that’s lively and crisp, with powerful projection and detailed note articulation.

Myrtlewood, umbellularia californica, formerly oreodaphne californica, originates in the western United States in Northern California and Oregon. Myrtlewood offers a strong fundamental with a powerful voice. Similar to maple, it has a clear and bright voice with superb projection and sustain, and offers a full and balanced sound. A versatile non-traditional tonewood, it is a favorite for many styles of playing. Myrtle has very unique and widely varied figure – no two sets are alike.

Street Price: $2,532

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Ovation Guitars

C2078AXP-KOA – Elite Plus, Koa

The Elite Plus features a AAA grade solid-spruce top with LX scalloped bracing, figured Koa veneer, abalone body/fretboard inlays, and a deluxe ebony fretboard bridge. A Contour composite body maximizes acoustic output and is ergonomically designed for comfort in any playing position.

Laser cut, exotic wood epaulettes on the upper and lower bouts enhance string vibration and sustain by improving soundboard efficiency. This gives the guitar a fast and even response from the lightest touch to hard grinding power chords. A cutaway offers full access to the gloss-finished, 5-piece mahogany/maple neck.

The OP-Pro Studio preamp includes a compressor, four band equalizer, and a ¼” output jack that connects to virtually any sound system, stage amp, or recording console. Producing unmatchable live tones and clarity, this guitar is everything you’ve always wanted a high performance instrument to be. (Case Included.)

Street Price: $1,199

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Tech 21 USA, Inc.

SansAmp Para Driver DI (v2)

100% analog SansAmp circuitry eliminates harsh, unnatural harmonics of piezo pickups and provides natural, organic warmth and presence. Multi-instrument, multi-functional pedal can be used direct to studio mixer, PA or with an amplifier. Drive offers tasteful edge --just a little or over-the-top. Features sweepable, semi-parametric, active EQ with 12dB cut or boost; XLR Output. Rumble Filter removes unwanted sub-sonic frequencies. Air adds top-end clarity and sparkle to acoustics.

Street Price: $209

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Shubb Capos

Shubb Fine Tune Capo

The Shubb Fine Tune capo is a U-shaped stirrup style capo, crafted from the highest grade stainless steel and has features not found on other similar styled capos. Interior side rubber bumpers protect the neck thoroughly while capo is in use and when it's parked to rest on the headstock above the nut. Ergonomic knurled tension knob with mother of pearl jewel embedded is numbered for visual reference of tension. Another winner from Shubb!

Street Price: $75

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Blue Microphones

Hummingbird, small-diaphragm condenser microphone

Hummingbird is a versatile, Class A small-diaphragm microphone that unlocks the tonal nuances of your instruments so you can capture the best recordings possible. With a 180-degree rotating head, Hummingbird fits into tight spaces and can nimbly change positions where others can’t. Featuring a precisely tuned diaphragm and extended frequency response, Hummingbird is the perfect solution for acoustic guitar, drum overheads, piano, percussion, or other instruments with fast transients and rich overtones.

Street Price: $299.99

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Blue Microphones

Lola, Sealed Over-Ear High-Fidelity Headphones

Lola is a sealed over-ear high-fidelity headphone that’s both accurate and inspiring. Lola’s custom 50mm drivers deliver the accuracy of reference monitors while also providing a listening experience that’s dimensional and alive. Lola extends Blue’s holistic design for optimized performance and personalized fit, featuring a streamlined multi-jointed headband with pivoting arms that provide total comfort and adjustability. The result is a supremely precise, customizable fit system for long-session comfort and great performance.

Street Price: $299.99

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Washburn Guitars

Comfort Series WCG20SCE

The WCG20SCE is a Grand Auditorium style acoustic/ electric guitar that features a book matched solid Sitka spruce top whose tone will improve with age, supported by Quarter Sawn Scalloped Sitka Spruce bracing, rosewood back and sides, a cutaway for superior upper fret access and premium Fishman 301T electronics for natural amplified acoustic tone. Of course the unique feature of this model is the beveled mahogany binding on the lower bout that provides the comfort the series gets its name from by removing the harsh angle that would normally cut into your forearm. Other features are the mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard and matching rosewood capped headstock and bridge.

Street Price: $549

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Henriksen Amplifiers

The Bud

The Bud is the without question the smallest, TRULY GIGABLE guitar amplifier on the market with unmatched tone quality! At 9x9x9”, 17lbs and 120 watts of analog power, you won’t believe the volume and tone coming from either your electric or acoustic guitar. With a feature set that allows you the versatility to cover any kind of gig, it’s a MUST HAVE piece of gear for the working musician.

Street Price: $1,099

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Kyser Quick-Clip Tuner

The Kyser Quick-Clip tuner magnetically attaches to existing full-size Kyser Quick-Change capos. An all in one device, the Quick-Clip will keep you in tune if you are using the capo on a fret or if it’s parked on your headstock. The Quick-Clip tuner is held in place by a powerful magnet while being adjustable 360° and the screen can flip for left-handed guitarists. Also, the tuner is easily detachable from the capo when not needed.

Street Price: $21.95

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Eastman Music Company


If you,re looking for a traditional sound with a not so traditional look the MD805PGE-BLU from Eastman Guitars and Mandolins might be for you. The solid Adirondack top really gives this mandolin outstanding volume and tone. Standard features include: highly flamed solid hand-carved maple back/sides, ebony fretboard/bridge, bone nut, and a Schertler Resocoil pickup with a custom pick guard and discreet hidden volume thumb wheel. Go to your local Eastman dealer and check one out.

Street Price: $1,550

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Bourgeois Guitars


Bourgeois Guitars' mission has always been to merge our love for vintage tone and design with modern innovation and playability. This foundation can be heard and seen clearly in the new Bourgeois L-DBO. 

The L-DBO brings that distinctive sound that old-time and county-blues enthusiasts love into a new era. Utilizing Bourgeois' Aged Tone torrefaction technology, this guitar combines small-body character with Dana's signature response. The result is a versatile instrument with tons of personality. 

Street Price: $1,550

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Bourgeois Guitars

Fully Torrefied Aged Tone™ Dreadnought

Our Aged Tone™ guitars helped introduce torrefaction the guitar world, and have proven the difference the process makes on the top. However, a fine guitar is more than just top wood. With our Fully Torrefied Aged Tone™ Dreadnought, we’ve brought the process to the rest of the guitar – back, sides, neck, and braces. The result is a light, responsive guitar with surprisingly vintage tone that is another step closer to a pre-war heirloom.

Street Price: $7,045

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Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar

The Complete ONLINE Acoustic Guitar Making Course – A step by step guide to Build Your Own with virtually unlimited scope for customization.

* Design Your Own Acoustic
*Structured video lessons – released MONTHLY
*Quickstart checklists for tools, wood and parts
*Library of patterns to customise your design
*Ebook on tools
*Direct access to ask any questions (public or privately) 


Join the GuitarMaking revolution...

Street Price: $365

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ENGL Amplification

Acoustic A101

The ENGL A101 is a 150-Watt, acoustic amplifier designed to fulfill the needs of every performing artist. With its warm and rich midrange and silkysmooth treble, the A101 delivers a rich, organic sound. Equipped with four different effects, this amp is the perfect solution for live performance. The A 101 is the perfect tool for smaller gigs and even makes rehearsing, wherever you are, a totally new and immersive experience. Connect one or two guitars (Channels 1-3), a mic (Channel 1-2) or maybe a keyboard (Channel 3) to the A101 and start practicing with a sound that gives you the feeling of being live on stage. The natural and sophisticated design focuses on great sound, good looks, versatility, and ease of use.

• Dimensions: 28 x 41 x 37 cm, 13kg
• 150 Watt
• 8" Woofer
• 1 x Comp. Tweeter
• Bass reflex housing
• Ground lift
• Integral stand mount
• Channel 1-2: XLR/Jack
• Channel 3: Jack (High Z/Low Z)
• Channel 4: RCA
• DI out: XLR
• Rec out: RCA (Level control)
• Effect send: Jack
• Effect return L/R: Jack
• Hall, Room, Delay, Chorus + Room
• Channel 1-3: High, Mid, Low, Effect, Volume
• Channel 4: High, Low, Volume

Street Price: $899.95

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Radial Engineering

PZ-PRE Acoustic Instrument Preamp

The Radial PZ-Pre... a high-performance acoustic instrument preamp designed to take you from club to concert and everywhere in between. 

It features two input channels with 100% Class-A piezo boosters for the most natural tone you have ever heard! On-board feedback control is managed with a dual-Q notch filter and phase reverse, plus a low-cut filter to eliminate runaway resonance. Two Hi-Z outputs drive your on-stage amp and tuner while two balanced DI outs feed in-ear monitors and the front-of-house mixer. There’s even a mute switch for tuning and a power booster for soloing. 
Best of all, the PZ-Pre is designed to work with all acoustic instruments that have any type of pickup including violin, banjo, cello, ukulele, lute, mandolin, dulcimer, autoharp, sitar, stand-up bass and every kind of guitar. 
The easy PZ-Pre...
Great acoustic sound made easy!

Street Price: $299.99

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With so many great products now available for acoustic players, we've added a special section to PG's annual acoustic issue. Check out some new and noteworthy gear with detailed specs, video links, and more!