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Acoustic Gear Showcase 2016

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Radial Engineering

PZ-PRE Acoustic Instrument Preamp

The Radial PZ-Pre... a high-performance acoustic instrument preamp designed to take you from club to concert and everywhere in between. 

It features two input channels with 100% Class-A piezo boosters for the most natural tone you have ever heard! On-board feedback control is managed with a dual-Q notch filter and phase reverse, plus a low-cut filter to eliminate runaway resonance. Two Hi-Z outputs drive your on-stage amp and tuner while two balanced DI outs feed in-ear monitors and the front-of-house mixer. There’s even a mute switch for tuning and a power booster for soloing. 
Best of all, the PZ-Pre is designed to work with all acoustic instruments that have any type of pickup including violin, banjo, cello, ukulele, lute, mandolin, dulcimer, autoharp, sitar, stand-up bass and every kind of guitar. 
The easy PZ-Pre...
Great acoustic sound made easy!

Street Price: $299.99

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