Is your ad hitting the mark?
Measure the Impact of Your Ad Artwork with PG's Ad Study

Want to find out how your magazine ad is resonating with potential customers? Premier Guitar's annual Ad Study measures how effectively you're engaging the guitarists in PG's digital magazine audience. It's available FREE for all ads, half page and larger, in PG's November issue.
The Ad Study surveys guitarists (10,169 of them participated in last year's survey) who are interacting with PG's November digital edition. Survey respondents spent an average of 25 minutes reading the digital magazine. This is a testament to the deep engagement of Premier Guitar's overall audience -- over 200,000 digital magazine readers per month.

If you'd like to acquire this end-consumer feedback, take advantage of Premier Guitar's FREE ad study in PG's November Issue. 
Premier Guitar's Ad Readers Study can help you to understand how well your advertisement engaged the reader and performed alongside other advertisements in our digital and print publication.
The study measures and reports on four important metrics:
  • How many readers recall seeing your ad.
  • How many readers recall reading your ad.
  • How many readers who indicated an interest in purchasing your category of product recall seeing your ad.
  • How many readers who indicated an interest in purchasing your category of product recall reading your ad.
The percentages measured in each of these four categories is then totaled to give you an ad score/engagement index.  This index can then be used to assess your ad's effectiveness in comparison to the category average, your key competitors, and/or all ads in the publication. 

Stop guessing how your ad is perceived and read by your customers and get the information you need to make smart media placements.  
New artwork is due September 10, so you have plenty time.  Reserve your ad in the November issue of Premier Guitar today. 


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