March 2020

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ARC_Top PG’s website draws 1.4 million sessions each month with video, interactive lessons and up-to-the-minute gear news. Our multimedia magazine attracts a monthly audience of 233,000
guitarists to our print publication, online edition, and mobile app.

We regularly partner with brands to generate thoughtful integrated campaigns that leverage our digital, print, and video capabilities, and any number of advertising and sponsorship opportunities on our site.

Hard-Hitting Promotions


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Occupy center stage on every page. This banner is impossible to miss and it's a great showcase for your videos. Your leaderboard ad commands the top-center of every page on the PG site (including the home page!), expanding in size as viewers cursor over the ad. The high-visibility weeklong promotion delivers more than 400,000 banner impressions, so it's a great value too.

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Dominate Premier Guitar's web site for a full week. Your banner ad surrounds the content on, appearing on both the right and left sides of all pages on the website. The result? Major exposure for your company and great click-through. SurroundScape showcases your company to's exploding audience (now averaging more than 1.4 million sessions per month) in bigger, bolder fashion. Perfect for high-impact product launches and sales drives.

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With PG Perks you can reach Premier Guitar's top customers and make them your customers. Your customized PG Perks e-blast will grab the attention of PG's most engaged readers and direct them to your giveaway promotion or specially discounted sale. Perks offerings are also promoted on PG's social media pages. The Perks promotion is available in two different formats:

Get Exposure and Lead Generation with a Single Promotion Great way to acquire email addresses Simple, easy: PG creates the e-blast layout,hosts and fulfills the giveaway‚ Increased giveaway value more emails for you

Promote Products, Get Emails, and Research Your Customers ...All at Once. Same benefits as above, plus up to 8 market-research questions from our dedicated subscribers.

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