Snark SN-1 Clip-On Chromatic Tuner
• Calibration: 415 Hz - 466 Hz
• Colorful, easy to read display
• 360 degree display rotation
• Tap tempo metronome
Just a little under 20 bones, the SN-1 gets high marks in every category, including an LCD that was very easy on the eyes, a high-degree of mobility, extraordinary tuning accuracy, a tough build, and a fantastic built-in metronome. It has a whimsical look that conjures up thoughts of the kind of tuner that Dr. Seuss might dream up, which may not appeal to all.

The tuner’s “stay put” clip had the perfect amount of resistance to my fingers, and the little rubber strip inside the clip conformed to the shape of the Martin and Tele headstock edges well. Both the LCD and its plastic tree had almost complete freedom to be moved in a 360 degree motion, and be tilted in any direction as well. This made the tuner flexible for both right- and left-handed guitarists.

When compared to the F1 Aura and PolyTune, the Snark was pretty much dead-on with their readings. I was impressed at how well it interpreted each guitar’s tunings when it was placed at various locations on the headstock—I was dumbfounded when I couldn’t find a spot where it didn’t accurately pick up on each string’s note.

Street: $19.99

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