Before you retire an amp because the sound isn’t doing it for you, consider the component where so much of the magic happens: the speaker! A speaker swap can do wonders for a tired amp, so check out the five 12" ceramic drivers we’ve rounded up from a myriad of excellent options.


Raptor 100
Equally suitable for clean, crunchy, or lead tones, these speakers are said to offer vocal, rounded midrange, smooth top end, and a fat bass foundation.
$106 street 


G12M-65 Creamback
If you’re looking for vintage sound, this speaker was originally developed in the mid ’60s and quickly adopted by players with aggressive blues-rock playing styles, from Hendrix to Page.

$145 street 


This 75-watt ceramic speaker taps into British-flavored tone with grunt and punch in the lows, warm and tailored mids, and clear, airy highs.
$109 street 


EVM12L Classic
These speakers incorporate a heavy-duty-cast frame for reduced low-frequency flex, provide 200 watts of power handling, and deliver classic, dark, and expressive tones.
$249 street 


Whether upgrading or repairing, these special-design 75-watt speakers are reported to sound much like a vintage Celestion, yet offer great value for a 12" replacement.
$45 street