Mod Type: Tonal
Difficulty Level: Easy
What You Need:
• Soldering iron
• Solder
• Solder sucker
• Fasel inductor

Mod 3 is a wah-specific affair. We’re going to swap out the existing inductor and replace it with a Fasel inductor. Technically, a wah is a bandpass filter—a boosted bump of frequencies, all of which are slid up and down by depressing the expression pedal. The heart of this effect in many wah pedals is the inductor, so replacing it can result in a different sound. “Different” does not necessarily mean “better,” though. If you Google this issue, you’ll see a lot of talk about how great a Fasel inductor sounds, but there are various flavors of Fasels available—including a classic ’60s-style inductor (à la Hendrix) or a ’70s disco-/porn-style affair. Choose wisely, young Jedi.

To install the new inductor:
1. Remove the wah’s main circuit board by unplugging the white plug with five wires attached to it, and then gently pulling the board out of the pedal’s housing. See the black thing with the Vox logo and “L1A” written on it? That’s the inductor.

2. Turn the circuit board over, identify the solder pads that connect to the inductor, and desolder them.

3. Gently bend out your new Fasel inductor’s legs (right photo) so they’ll fit through the inductor socket’s holes.

4. Pop the new inductor into the circuit board and resolder the connections.

5. Place the circuit board back in the pedal housing.
6. Plug the five-wired white plug back into the circuit board. You’re done!