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from Troy Nelson's Guitar Aerobics
Exercise: #1
Technique: Alternate Picking
Genre: Metal
Music Description: The alternate-picking arpeggios are arranged here along strings 1 and 2 exclusively.
Tip: Although the fret-hand fingerings change to accommodate for major or minor chords, the picking pattern is consistent throughout.


Exercise: #2
Technique: String Skipping
Genre: Metal
Music Description: This string-skipping exercise climbs three steps of the C major/A minor scale on the second string before skipping to the fourth string and repeating the sequence. The pattern is then repeated as it moves horizontally down the neck.
Tip: Although the figure suggests starting with a downstroke, you may find it advantageous to start with an upstroke.


Exercise: #3
Technique: String Bending
Genre: Blues
Music Description: This bending workout is inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan, although there’s a higher concentration of string manipulations in this example.
Tip: A position shift occurs in measure 4. To accommodate this move, use your index finger for the bend on beat 1, and then quickly shift it to the fifth fret to play the subsequent note.


Exercise: #4
Technique: Arpeggios
Genre: Rock Music
Description: Starting at the twelfth fret of string 6, this Em arpeggio pattern covers three octaves and all six strings before reversing course and climbing back down the neck.
Tip: Experiment with the suggested fingerings (one with your middle finger; the other with your ring finger), and use the one that feels most natural.


Exercise: #5
Technique: Sweep Picking
Genre: Metal
Music Description: Sweep-picking is employed here to produce a “notey” workout featuring sextuplet rhythms (six notes per beat) and seventh-chord arpeggios diatonic to G major.
Tip: As an alternative to the picking directions notated between staves, try employing a hammer-on/pull-off combination to connect the three notes on string 2, which will eliminate the first upstroke of each arpeggio.


Exercise: #6
Technique: Legato
Genre: Rock
Music Description: Taking its melodic cue from the legato techinque, this exercise employs octave shapes, sixteenth notes, and legato slides to ascend the neck, letting the low E string ring along the way.
Tip: To correctly execute the octave shapes, use the fleshy underside of your fret hand’s index finger to mute the fourth string.


Exercise: #7
Technique: Rhythm
Genre: Funk
Music Description: This funk rhythm pattern takes the main elements from sixteenth-note rhythms, E9 chord and string mutes and adds a half-step chordal slide to beats 1 and 3 of each measure.
Tip: Use the underside of your fret hand’s middle finger, which is not part of the chord voicing, to mute strings 5 and 6 —not for a percussive sound, but rather to prevent unwanted string noise.