The toggle switch is the switch or lever device that is used for selecting which pickup is on. The pickups are placed in different positions on the guitar to get different timbres. By moving the toggle switch back and forth, an alternating timbre effect is created. Download example audio.

(first 9 seconds of audio clip)
The previous example will work with almost any electric guitar that has more than one pickup. Another type of toggle switch effect is to use it as a “kill switch.” In other words, you will turn the sound on and off as rapidly or slowly as desired. In order for this to work the guitar must have multiple pickups with separate volume knows for each pickup—like a Gibson Les Paul type guitar. By turning one volume all the way off and the other all the way up, you can alternate the toggle switch back and forth for the effect.

(:10 - :35 of audio clip)

An interesting rhythmic figure with octaves is created here using the toggle.

(:35 to end of audio clip)

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