Snakes and Arrow Live

New Rush Album

from Atlantic Records

Here are two things we know about prog-rockers: 1. They don''t go around saying they''re into "prog rock," and 2. they''ve been known to call in sick when a new Rush album comes out.

Pre-orders are underway for Rush''s latest, Snakes and Arrows Live.

Drive-By Truckers

Review: Drive-By Truckers in Boston

from the Boston Herald

The Drive-By Truckers kept it loose and easy at a recent Boston show. Here''s a review.

The Eagles

Review: Eagles in London

from the Guardian

This Guardian critic doesn''t hold back in his review of the Eagles recent O2 show, calling the band "rock''s ultimate phonies" and describing the show as "slick, antiseptic and soulless." Ouch. This YouTuber captured Desperado.


Review: Megadeth in India

from the Economic Times

Megadeth fared just a smidge better in this review of their recent Bangalore performance. A YouTuber takes you there.