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Tsakalis AudioWorks Introduces the Six B.O.D.

January 15, 2019
Six different flavors of boost, overdrive, and distortion that pay homage to classic circuits.
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Pirate Guitar Effects Releases the Peg Leg Overdrive and Compressor

December 5, 2018
A dual pedal that aims to capture the iconic amp tones of the '60s and '70s.
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MidValleyFX Releases the Double-Amp Distorter

December 4, 2018
A high-gain pedal designed to squeeze everything it can out of a pair of op-amps.
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Electro-Harmonix Unveils the Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff, Flatiron Fuzz, and Nano Battalion

November 30, 2018
A trio of new pedals that aims to cover everything from classic Muff tones to gritty bass sounds.
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Lawrence Petross Design Unveils the Sixty 8 Drive Deluxe

November 26, 2018
An all-analog overdrive pedal designed for to cop a classic plexi tone.
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Gervana Introduces the Ji Si Distortion Pedal

November 26, 2018
The pedal features two distortion modes, modern and vintage, both modeled after a traditional British gain structure.
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Magnetic Effects Releases the Lonely Robot and Black Moon

November 21, 2018
Two pedals that are inspired by bona fide classics.
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Abasi Guitars Unveils the Pathos

November 20, 2018
A versatile overdrive designed in conjunction with Brian Wampler.
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Dunlop Unveils the MXR Mini Iso-Brick Power Supply, MXR Vintage Bass Octave, and Way Huge Purple Platypus Octidrive

November 16, 2018
The Purple Platypus Octidrive MkII aims to combine the burly, buttery tones and amp-clobbering gain of the Red Llama Overdrive with a frequency doubler that creates an octave-up effect.
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Friedman Unveils the BE-OD Deluxe and the Golden Pearl

November 15, 2018
A pair of new stomps from famed amp and pedal designer Dave Friedman that are available on November 19th.
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J Rockett Audio Designs Releases the Monkeyman

November 14, 2018
A tweed amp-in-a-box pedal with built-in spring reverb emulation.
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Bogner Unveils the Ecstasy Red and Blue Minis

November 14, 2018
The famed amp company has shrunk two of their most popular pedals into mini-sized enclosures.
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Nanolog Releases the Carbon Series

November 13, 2018
The line includes the Classic Overdrive, C4 Distortion, and Orbital Fuzz.
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Quick Hit: Gervana Ji Wei Distortion Review

November 2, 2018
Five EQ bands and footswitchable mid-scoop boost converge in a stomp inspired by high-gain Mesas.
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Paradox Effects Terran Review

October 29, 2018
A beastly ’70s amp favored by the stoner-metal set is reincarnated as a brutally effective stompbox.
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First Look: Dunable SplatterBlaster

October 15, 2018
To see what Sacha Dunable's first pedal—a stereo fuzz and distortion co-designed with Damnation Audio—can muster, we throw a Tele Deluxe, P bass, and Greco LP copy at it.
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Boss Announces the DC-2W Dimension C and MT-2W Metal Zone Pedals

October 4, 2018
The new pedals feature original Boss analog designs that have been infused with artful refinements.
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Joe Gore Porkolator Review

September 25, 2018
Meet a Harmonic Percolator-inspired powerhouse that dazzles with dynamics, sonic complexity, and the clout of a heavyweight.
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One Control Launches the Jubilee Red Amp-in-a-Box

September 10, 2018
A modern high-gain distortion pedal with tonal roots descending from the legendary Silver Jubilee series.
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Dophix Presents the David Distortion

September 7, 2018
A three-knob distortion that's part of the company's Three Naked Men series.
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