January 2019


Boss Announces the GT1000, Katana-Artist, and RC-1-BK Loop Station

January 31, 2018
A premium amp and effects processor for guitarists, the new flagship model in the Katana guitar amplifier series, and a limited-edition pedal that commemorates the sales of over one million Loop Station products to date.
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NAMM '18 - Tsakalis AudioWorks Phonkify & Galactic Modulation Demos

January 28, 2018
A fun and funky envelope filter along with a rather interesting modulation machine that produces some compelling combos.
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Line 6 Introduces the HX Effects Multi-Effects Pedal

January 26, 2018
A pedalboard-friendly multi-effects pedal that offers 100+ Helix effects, plus legacy effects from M-Series and Stompbox Modeler pedals.
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Boss MD-500 Review

January 8, 2018
Classic Boss stompbox effects in a progressive package.
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Gear of the Year 2017

November 7, 2017
Another year, another dazzling parade of pedals, guitars, amps, modelers, and accessories that made our noggins spin.
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Boss GT-1B Review

November 3, 2017
A Pandora’s box full of tools and effects that might move a bassist to the front of the stage.
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Mooer Introduces the GE200, Radar, and Tender Octaver MkII

October 16, 2017
The GE200 houses 55 amplifier models which utilize the same cutting-edge technology as Mooer’s hugely successful range of micro preamps.
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MOD Duo Review

October 13, 2017
A compact multi-effects unit conceals a vast world of fun, functional programmability.
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HeadRush Pedalboard Review

October 11, 2017
Intuitive design sets this impressive, powerful multi-effects unit apart from the pack.
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Boss MS-3 Review

September 17, 2017
A handy solution that combines pro-level switching with analog flexibility.
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JHS VCR Review

September 17, 2017
Ryan Adams and JHS team up to design a utilitarian mash-up of modulation, reverb, and boost.
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Mooer Mod Factory Pro Review

August 30, 2017
Mooer packs ridiculous modulation power into a pint-sized multi-stomp.
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Quick Hit: Trace Elliot Transit-A

July 21, 2017
Robust EQ makes this portable preamp and effects solution an acoustic gigging ally.
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SNAMM '17 - Nu-X Effects Cerberus and Loop Core Deluxe Demos

July 14, 2017
Get hip to their new multi-effect unit that is home to delay, chorus, distortion, phaser, tremolo, and much more.
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First Look: Boss MS-3

June 26, 2017
John Bohlinger unboxes and tries out the pedal giant's new-concept pedalboard that combines their proprietary multi-effects engine and multi-pedal switcher in one small, dedicated unit.
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Nu-X Effects Announces the Cerberus

June 19, 2017
A multi-function pedal which can be used with the four-cable method or as a standalone effects unit.
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Positive Grid Unveils BIAS Modulation

April 6, 2017
The pedal is stocked with nine powerful time- and amplitude-based effects: flanger, chorus, phaser, tremolo, vibrato, rotary, ring modulation, autoswell, and pan.
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Line 6 Announces the Helix LT

April 3, 2017
It uses the same advanced HX Modeling technology as Helix Floor and Helix Rack.
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Mooer Audio Releases the Red Truck, Baby Bomb, Mod Factory Pro, and Tender Octaver Pro

April 3, 2017
The Red Truck combines two analog drive pedals, an analog distortion, some brand-new digital effects, an integrated loop switcher, and a tuner.
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HeadRush Electronics Announces Brand-New Pedalboard

March 10, 2017
The pedalboard features a quad-core processor and is powered by Eleven HD Expanded DSP software.
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