February 2019

Recording Tips

Optimal Low-End Mixing

December 16, 2008
How to tweak the EQ to make the most of your recordings.
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George Lynch - Tracking at the Integratron

September 15, 2008
Welcome to another segment of "PG Experience - George Lynch." In this clip George is tracking at the Integratron - a unique, alien-inspired, dome-shaped building in the CA desert. This version of this video clip features George's guitar only (with no full band backing tracks), recorded with 3 room mics and a mic'd cab. Check back later for a version of this video mixed down with full backing tracks!
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Amp Miking Tips & Techniques

June 4, 2008
Sweetwater Productions Chief Engineer Chet Chambers shares some tips and techniques for getting the best sound out of your amplifier when you're getting ready to record.

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