June 2020

DI Box


Quick Hit: Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter Zi Review

February 20, 2018
The pro-audio gurus serve up a super-simple means of massaging acoustic tones through impedance control.
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NAMM '18 - Darkglass Electronics Alpha·Omega Ultra Demo

January 30, 2018
This respected relative newcomer delivers a drop-and-go preamp that’s enough to gig on any stage.
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LR Baggs

L.R. Baggs Unveils the Align Series

January 11, 2018
A suite of pedals that covers a vast range of tone-shaping tools for acoustic players.
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API TranZformer LX Review

January 11, 2018
A pair of top-shelf studio weapons are transformed into one DI pedal that gives bassists formidable tone-sculpting power.
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Hotone B Station Review

August 22, 2017
A preamp/DI for bassists that packs a ton of essentials, but keeps the price well under two bills.
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GMF Music

GMF Music Releases the Ai ProTube

June 14, 2017
A DI that incorporates a switchable tube circuit in the preamp section.
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Mesa/Boogie Introduces the Rosette Acoustic Amplification Series

June 1, 2017
The series is designed not just for acoustic guitars, but also for mandolin, ukulele, violin/fiddle, dulcimer, cello, upright bass, and other acoustic instruments.
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Electro-Harmonix Introduces the Battalion Bass Preamp

May 30, 2017
The pedal features a four-band equalizer, fully-featured MOSFET distortion section with three signal path options, a compressor, a noise gate and a comprehensive I/O.
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Bass OD/DI/Preamp Pedal Roundup

May 8, 2017
We test four versatile and feature-laden bass stomps from Gallien-Krueger, Providence, Two Notes, and Tech 21.
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Dec16-On Bass-FEAT

On Bass: Low-End Life Hacks

November 17, 2016
Why the "right" way isn’t always the right way.
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Quick Hit: Radial JDX Direct Drive Review

November 13, 2016
No amp? No problem. This DI offers a wealth of options for those who want to leave their amp at home.
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Rivera Amps

Rivera Announces the Mini RockRec

July 12, 2016
A loadbox/speaker simulator with six speaker voicings.
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Providence Releases the Brick Drive BDI-1

June 16, 2016
A versatile new bass preamp that features the Vitalizer B circuit.
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Radial Engineering Announces the Bumper, Headlight, and Headlight Pro

April 7, 2016
The Bumper lets you connect up to four instruments to a single guitar amp and select between them using a single footswitch.
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Radial Headload Review

March 3, 2016
A high-quality load box and guitar D.I. with many pro features.
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lr baggs

NAMM '16 - L.R. Baggs Stadium Electric Bass DI Demo

February 9, 2016
The acoustic pickup and preamp pioneers dip their toe in the bass DI world to help gigging bassists.
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NAMM '16 - Radial Engineering Classic V9, Regency, Headlight & Direct Drive Demos

February 5, 2016
See and hear a Peter Janis' latest creations including a 9V distortion, a dual-functioning stomp that operates like a pre-drive and class-A boost, an amp switcher, and an amp simulator/direct box.
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A-Designs Audio Releases the Reddi V2

January 23, 2016
A dual-mono-channel, 19-inch, all-tube DI.
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Radial Engineering Releases the Headload Prodigy

October 20, 2015
A combination load box and DI that enables one to drive a guitar amp at a higher output at a lower volume.
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Radial Introduces the Headload Attenuator

April 13, 2015
A feature-packed sound pressure reducer with a built-in DI.
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