February 2019


Benson Amps Releases the Benson Preamp Pedal

May 21, 2018
The circuit is based on the Benson Chimera amplifier and utilizes FETS in place of tubes.
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Mooer Releases the Taxidea Taxus and the Brown Sound Preamps

May 4, 2018
All Mooer Micro Preamp come complete with dual channels, integrated speaker cabinet simulation, and dual operating modes.
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Audio Sprockets Introduces the ToneDexter

April 30, 2018
The preamp aims to learn the difference between how an instrument sounds through a microphone and how it sounds through a pickup using patented WaveMap technology.
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Tech 21 SansAmp GED-2112 Review

April 4, 2018
A partnership with Rush’s legendary bassist results in a dual preamp unit that earns his mark of approval and brings big, analog bass tone.
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Tonal Tinker Toys: Reader Pedalboards 2018

February 23, 2018
When it comes to pedal puzzles and putting together your dream sound rig, there’s no right way—just your way. Check out these boards from your fellow readers, and be inspired!
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Quick Hit: Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter Zi

February 20, 2018
The pro-audio gurus serve up a super-simple means of massaging acoustic tones through impedance control.
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Lightning Boy Audio Unveils the NuVision

February 12, 2018
An all-tube instrument preamp pedal that operates on Nuvistors.
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NAMM '18 - Pigtronix Bob Weir's Real Deal Acoustic Preamp Demo

February 8, 2018
A painstakingly designed cooperation with the Dead guitarist/singer lets you—and him—crank an acoustic up past 11 onstage.
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NAMM '18 - Victory Amps Countess V4 Preamp Pedal, V30 Countess MkII & VX100 Super Kraken Demos

February 7, 2018
British circuit guru Martin Kidd debuts a line of preamp pedals and an update to a high-gain monster.
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NAMM '18 - Darkglass Electronics Alpha·Omega Ultra Demo

January 30, 2018
This respected relative newcomer delivers a drop-and-go preamp that’s enough to gig on any stage.
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NAMM '18 - Chase Bliss Thermae & Condor Demos

January 30, 2018
Sonic scientist Joel Korte unleashes a pair of radical tone shapers that offer warping delays and an EQ/filter pedal that can radically shift your sound.
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NAMM '18 - Xotic Guitars XJ Pro, XJC, XSC 1 & XTC

January 28, 2018
The XSC and XTC guitars, and a J-inspired bass, join the company’s hand-built California Classic line. Plus, the new Japan-made Pro Vintage Bass and a mini, refined, limited-edition version of the popular Andy Timmons signature BB Preamp.
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Mooer Unveils Three New Micro Preamps

January 11, 2018
The Cali Dual, Fried Mien, and Matchbox covers everything from modern high-gain tones to classic British and American sounds.
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Massive Unity Unveils the 1964

January 8, 2018
A full analog amplifier simulator for line connection that you can use as a highly detailed preamp.
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Synergy Amps Unveils the SYN-1 Single Module Tube Preamp

January 5, 2018
A roadworthy, professional housing that is compatible with any of Synergy’s interchangeable preamp modules.
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Mooer Audio Introduces the Pitch Step and Audiofile

January 5, 2018
The mini-sized Pitch Step is a polyphonic pitch-shifter and harmonizer.
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Ashdown SZ Funk Face Review

October 3, 2017
The Brit amp outfit teams with founding Jamiroquai bassist Stuart Zender to deliver a 12AX7-fueled drive pedal that's seriously funky.
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Carvin VLD1 Legacy Drive Review

August 30, 2017
Steve Vai’s fly-in solution is a formidable preamp for backline and recording situations.
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Hotone B Station Review

August 22, 2017
A preamp/DI for bassists that packs a ton of essentials, but keeps the price well under two bills.
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Diffusion Audio Unveils the BPA-1

June 29, 2017
A studio-quality preamp designed by Malcolm Toft.
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