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August 2017

Aug17-last call-FEAT

Last Call: Your Guitars Own You

June 19, 2017
What to do when your axes become your axis of anxiety.
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Aug17-Acoustic Soundboard-FEAT

Acoustic Soundboard: An Unlevel Playing Field

June 18, 2017
Understanding fretboard radiuses can save you money and heartache—especially if you ever plan to purchase a guitar without playing it first.
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Aug17-Tuning Up-FEAT

Tuning Up: 3 Muslim Girls More Metal Than You

June 16, 2017
Witness Voice of Baceprot—three hijab-banging Indonesian teens staring down death threats and opening minds across Southeast Asia.
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Havok’s David Sanchez and Reece Scruggs: Guardians of the Riff

May 26, 2017
How the guitar duo put a hammerlock on heavy for Conformicide, a metal manifesto packed with serpentine 6-string and screaming, mega-speed solos.
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