February 2020

Wizard of Odd

Wizard of Odd: The Incredible Tale of a Mid-’60s Aria Diamond 1402T

March 28, 2018
Sometimes, against all odds, you find yourself reunited with a long-lost friend.
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Wizard of Odd: The Mystery of Calculon 6

March 8, 2018
One big question remains about this intriguing piece of folk art. Perhaps someone, somewhere has the answer.
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Wizard of Odd: “Tiki Mask” Prestige Electrics

February 5, 2018
What was up with instrument design in 1968? Far-out, dude.
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Wizard of Odd: 1960s Zerosette JG SAD 2

December 27, 2017
How do you say “flower power” in Italian?
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Wizard of Odd: 1964 Supro Dual Tone

December 11, 2017
Who needs tonewood? We’ve got fiberglass, baby!
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Wizard of Odd: Tracking the Elusive Humming Bird

October 30, 2017
What happens when a Mosrite Ventures model makes its way to Japan? You can bet it’s something extreme.
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Wizard of Odd: A 1963 Marvel EJ2 Returns Home

September 28, 2017
In his PG column debut, Frank Meyers tells the tale of trekking to Matsumoto, Japan, to unravel the mystery of his very first guitar.
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