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NAMM '17 - Jensen Stealth Series Speaker Demos

February 16, 2017
The speaker vets show us three new neodymium-magnet designs in classic American and British voicings, as well as one for brutal rock and metal.
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Speaker Geeks: The Lowdown on Power Handling

February 3, 2017
Here’s what you need to know to avoid blowing a guitar speaker.
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Jensen Speakers Unveils the Stealth Series

January 21, 2017
The new trio of Neodymium speakers come in 65-, 80-, and 100-watt varieties.
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Mission Engineering Introduces the Io

January 19, 2017
The 450-watt full-range guitar monitor features a 12" neodymium speaker and 56-bit digital signal processing, yet it's small enough to fit in an overhead compartment.
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Celestion Unveils the G-12H-150 Redback

January 18, 2017
The new guitar speaker boasts both extreme power handling and classic Celestion tone.
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Speaker Geeks: Alnico or Ceramic ... What Gives?

December 28, 2016
Weber Speakers guru C.J. Sutton demystifies magnet lore in the second installment of our new column series.
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Speaker Geeks: Why Graphs Matter and When They Don’t

December 16, 2016
In this new column debut, amp guru Steven Fryette discusses how to make sense of the speaker data manufacturers spend so much time and money on.
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Organic Timbre Releases the Rhapsody G12F Guitar Speaker

November 14, 2016
This 12" speaker is specially-designed to handle 300W and provides transparent headroom necessary to work well with modeling amplifiers.
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Tone Tubby Introduces the Winterland Ceramic Magnet Speaker

January 7, 2016
Premium-quality hempcone speakers for electric and acoustic amps.
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Ted Weber Speakers Unveils the TONECVLT Series

September 14, 2015
Designed for metal players who seek a high-power, high-volume assault while still achieving maximum tone.
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Tone Tips: Speakers—The Final Frontier

August 4, 2015
Don’t forget the importance of your drivers.
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Eminence Unveils the Travis Toy Signature Speaker

July 30, 2015
A 300 watt, ultra-lightweight speaker designed for pedal steel guitars.
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Jensen Announces the Jet 12” Nighthawk

July 1, 2015
The first Jensen speaker with a 1.75” voice coil.
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Jensen Speakers Releases the P6V and the C6V

June 9, 2015
Both speakers are rated at 20 watts.
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Bose Introduces the F1 Model 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker and F1 Subwoofer

May 21, 2015
The sound can be optimized for playing at floor level, on stage, or facing raked seats or bleachers.
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Tone Tubby Speakers Announces the Purple Haze

May 19, 2015
The speaker features a new, proprietary-tuned hemp cone and a 32 oz. alnico magnet.
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Barefaced Cabs Introduces the FR800 Loudspeaker

April 27, 2015
The speaker sports an 800W RMS power module with a 12XN550 low/mid driver and high definition neo HF unit.
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Eminence Speakers Introduces Eric Johnson, Tomo Fujita, and George Alessandro Signature Models

January 16, 2015
Through a reformulated paper cone and optimized basket design, the 40-watt EJ-1240 offers vintage Alnico tone.
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Tone Tubby Introduces the Chicago Blue Speaker

December 1, 2014
Available in 8-ohm and 16-ohm models, the Chicago Blue features a ribbed hemp cone and 17 oz. alnico magnet.
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