April 2019

Articles by Kevin Borden

In Search of Uncle Bookie, Part 2

March 11, 2010
A artist-owned bass is in terrible shape. Refinish it or not?
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In Search of Uncle Bookie, Part 1

February 11, 2010
Kevin stumbles upon a ''60 J-Bass owned by Walter Booker
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So, What Would Kevin Do? (Part I)

December 17, 2009
Kevin answers the question, “What do you look for when you buy a vintage bass?” from a collector''s perspective
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The Street: NYC’s Music Row, Part 2

July 22, 2009
Kevin returns with part 2 of memories from 48th street.
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The Street: NYC’s Music Row

June 17, 2009
Kevin reminisces on the influence of New York City''s Music Row
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Meet The Neighbors

May 20, 2009
Meet three P-Bass devotees and Premier Guitar readers
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Roger Sadowsky: A Vintage Man of Modern Means

April 21, 2009
A conversation with Roger Sadoswky on basses, modifications, preamps and more
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Top 10 Tips on Vintage Bass Maintenance

March 17, 2009
Keeping your vintage bass in shape with minimal time and monetary investment
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You Write, I Respond: Readers' Thoughts, Part 2

February 16, 2009
Kevin shares readers'' thoughts on the vintage bass market
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You Write, I Respond: Readers' Thoughts

January 15, 2009
A look at where bass players stand on vintage instruments
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Affordable Vintage Basses

December 16, 2008
Kevin has the scoop on five great vintage basses under $1500.
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Wow, That’s Weird! - Part II

November 11, 2008
Last month, we looked at anomalies from Rickenbacker, Gibson and Fender. This month, we’ll explore some Fender bass oddities and misconceptions. Ninety-five percent of weird things we see are done
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Wow, That’s Weird!

October 13, 2008
Every now and then, a vintage bass will cross your path looking kosher, but after a second look something jumps out that doesn’t seem right. Sometimes it actually is; it’s
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State of the Nation of Bassdom, Pt. 2 - The Market Review

September 9, 2008
Kevin continues from last month and further explains the current status of today''s bass market.
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State of the Nation of Bassdom, Pt. 2

August 15, 2008
The second portion of Kevin''s look at the vintage bass market.
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The State of the Nation of Bassdom

July 10, 2008
Every year folks make a pilgrimage to Mecca. For me, the pilgrimage leads to the Dallas International Guitar Festival. By combining my recent touring experience and time at the Guitar
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More Snappy Answers to Snappy Questions

June 10, 2008
Last month I answered some of the most common questions I get asked. These questions jogged my memory and also brought a smile to my face. This month I’ll
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Snappy Answers to Snappy Questions

May 12, 2008
Questions about vintage basses are answered
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I Coulda Been a Contender!

April 9, 2008
This ‘61 stack knob Jazz bass easily handled the competition. The last few issues we explored all sorts of viable alternatives for a good vintage bass, from vintage refins
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The Four Rs - Relics and Reissues

March 11, 2008
Welcome back to The Low End. The research for these columns went fast and I have to say that I actually learned a thing or two. I got to
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