April 2019

Articles by Kurt Prange

Power Trip: A Guide to Power Tubes and Their Signature Sounds

July 2, 2015
Whether you’re shopping for a new amp or trying to coax different tones from one you’ve got, this comprehensive look at power tubes and their sonic traits is essential reading.
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Alnico, the Miracle Metal

October 21, 2009
The history of the Aluminum-Nickel-Cobalt magical combination we know so well
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Magnetic Circuits

July 22, 2009
Ever wonder how a speaker works, or what different magnet types do? Kurt lays out the differences.
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Innovations in Speaker Manufacturing and Development

April 21, 2009
neodymium magnets, acrylic adhesives, synthetic suspension materials, and a variety of paper cone construction techniques are detailed in this look at speaker construction innovations.
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