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Articles by David Brewster

John Lee Hooker

Deep Blues: Born to Boogie

September 17, 2016
Thanks to John Lee Hooker, Billy Gibbons, and other heavyweights, the swinging style of barrelhouse pianists has become a cornerstone of rock and blues guitar. Here’s a look at the most essential boogie-woogie patterns and how to use them.
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Jazz Boot Camp

Jazz Boot Camp: Walk the Line

March 26, 2016
As a solo guitarist, Joe Pass knew how to create the illusion of a bassist and guitarist playing together. Charlie Hunter and Tuck Andress continue to develop the technique, and now it’s your turn to unlock the secrets of walking bass lines.
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Fretboard Workshop

Fretboard Workshop: Roll the Bones

October 17, 2015
Everyone from Yngwie to Slash uses this awkward but essential technique.
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Joe Walsh

Analog Man: A Joe Walsh Primer

July 18, 2015
By combining fearless bending with a hefty dose of funky chord work, Walsh helped define the sound of classic rock.
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Deep Blues

Deep Blues: The “B.B. King” Box

September 27, 2014
Pull a lifetime of licks out of six simple notes.
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I Lost A Fight with an Elevator

I Lost A Fight with an Elevator

January 9, 2013
Having $6,000 worth of gear— including my beloved Les Paul— stolen from my van was just the beginning of my Thanksgiving-weekend woes. Letting my anger get the better of me only compounded the problem. But with some astounding luck, professional counsel, and hard work, I eventually emerged victorious.
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