March 2020

Articles by Craig Havighurst

Chet Atkins Exhibit: Country Gentleman

November 15, 2011
The life, achievements, and guitars of Chet Atkins are back in the spotlight at the Country Music Hall of Fame.
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Inseparable: Alf Binnie And His Archtop

July 19, 2011
Guitars often help their owners get through tough times, but few have seen times as tough as those faced by British Royal Air Force pilot and prisoner of war Alf Binnie and his 1940s German archtop.
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Steve Cropper: The Royale Treatment

June 14, 2011
Steve Cropper, the reigning king of tasty Memphis R&B guitar for more than five decades, chronicles his ascent to musical immortality and his new tribute to childhood guitar hero Lowman Pauling of the “5” Royales.
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Shapes of Things: A Brief History of the Peculiar Behind-the-Scenes War Over Guitar Designs

November 16, 2010
A brief history of the peculiar behind-the-scenes war over guitar designs.
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50 Feet High and Rising: Nashville's Devastating Flood

June 16, 2010
A narrative account of coming face to face with the destroyed guitars in Nashville''s Soundcheck
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