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Articles by Joe Charupakorn

Interview: Anthrax - The Long Road to Worship Music

September 12, 2011
Scott Ian, Rob Caggiano, and Charlie Benante discuss the long-awaited, new studio release from Anthrax, reuniting with original singer Joey Belladonna, and how an Anthrax song comes together.
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Matt Schofield: Blues Man With No Master Plan

August 16, 2011
British blues sensation Matt Schofield says he was just following his muse when he took a trio of chances with his new album, "Anything But Time," but in the process he’s set off a 21st-century blues invasion of the highest order.
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Interview: Keb' Mo' - Reflections

July 25, 2011
Bluesman Keb’ Mo’ talks about his workingman’s approach to gear, his new record company, and what it’s like to win (and lose) a Grammy.
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Last Chance to Reason: The Other M

July 19, 2011
Maine-based mathcore brainiacs Last Chance to Reason meld face-melting chops with mind-bending music theory and their own epic "Metroid"-style video game to mutate every notion you have about youth, metal, and gaming culture.
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Interview: Elliot Easton - Hello Again

May 9, 2011
The Cars'' Elliot Easton talks about reuniting with his chart-topping new wave bandmates and using a bunch of guitars from his amazing collection to record their classic-sounding new album, Move Like This.
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Interview: Moving Mountains - Making Waves

May 4, 2011
Greg Dunn and Frank Graniero of Moving Mountains talk gear, recording, and balancing a full-time tour schedule while still in college.
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Interview: Paul Pigat - It’s a Sin

March 24, 2011
Pigat talks gear, songwriting, and his two wildly different recent releases, “It’s a Sin” and “Boxcar Campfire”
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J Mascis: Unplugged and Unfazed - But Not Unfuzzed

March 15, 2011
Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis picks up his favorite old Martin and Gibson flattops and recruits a host of friends to put together the lushly orchestrated new "Several Shades of Why."
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Builder Profile: David Myka Custom Guitars

January 17, 2011
When David Myka says he’s ready to take on any project, no matter how out-there or customized, you know he means it: He built his first guitars out of throwaway parts—including radio guts and nut-and-bolt tuning keys—and wound his first pickups out of reclaimed transformer wire and 6-penny nails.
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The Premier Guitar Pedalboard Survival Guide

December 21, 2010
It takes a lot more than a few stompboxes, Velcro, and a carrying case to thrive in the pedal wilderness. Here we guide you through the common pitfalls encountered when assembling your go-to stomp station.
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Iron Maiden: Super Troopers

October 20, 2010
Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, and Janick Gers’ searing licks catapult The Final Frontier to the top of the metal charts and prove—again—that Iron Maiden is the world’s heaviest guitar trio.
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Builder Profile: Brown Note Amplifiers

September 21, 2010
Find out how Moss Hudson started out building DIY amp kits and progressed to the point where he’s wowing amp-show crowds and working with his teenage-genius son on a new programmable tube amp for blues-rock hero Pete Anderson.
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EMG: The Active Pickup Makers Celebrate 35 Years of Pioneering Tone

August 17, 2010
The history and impact of EMG and active pickups are explored
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