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1986 Fender Super Champ Deluxe

September 20, 2011
The ’86 Super Champ Deluxe featured here is one of the last examples of the modern circuitry upgrades that were housed in a more traditional package.
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2011 Jackson PC1 Phil Collen Signature

August 16, 2011
Based on the body of the 7/8-scale Dinky model, the “super strat” Jackson PC1 has seen few changes over the course of its lifetime—the most noticeable being the headstock design.
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1983 Alembic Spoiler

July 19, 2011
Sporting high quality woods, neck-through bodies, brass hardware, silent single-coil-style pickups, and active electronics, early handmade Alembics were comparatively quite expensive to other products at the time.
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1968 Fender Paisley Telecaster and Telecaster Bass

June 14, 2011
In the late 1960s, Fender decided to go straight to the heart of the popular psychedelic aesthetic, and, in 1968, the Paisley Red and Blue Flower Telecasters were born.
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1953 Epiphone Zephyr Emperor Regent

May 17, 2011
Building off of the popularity of their banjos in the 1920s, as well as lessons learned from a brief experiment in the guitar realm with their smaller Recording models,
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1964 Fender Bassman Head and Cabinet

April 19, 2011
A late blonde-era Fender Bassman and cabinet, which were famously used by the likes of Pete Townshend, George Harrison, and of course, Brian Setzer.
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Gear Search Gallery: 1970 Ampeg Dan Armstrong Guitar

March 15, 2011
In 1968, when representatives from Ampeg, the iconic bass-amp company, came to famed New York City session player/guitar repairman Dan Armstrong for advice on a line of acoustic guitars it
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Gear Search Gallery: 1990 Warwick John Entwistle Custom Buzzard

February 15, 2011
This Explorer-inspired, North America-shaped bass was the brainchild of Who bassist John Entwistle and Warwick’s President and Founder Hans Peter Wilfer back in 1985.
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1952 Gibson Goldtop Les Paul

January 17, 2011
A fully-gold Goldtop in impeccable shape from the latter half of 1952
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1964 Guild Capri CE-100D

December 21, 2010
The 1964 Guild Capri CE-100D featured here is a great example of one of Guild’s earliest archtop incarnations, and the first to feature a Florentine-style cutaway.
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1959 Ampeg Jet

November 16, 2010
An example of Ampeg''s move to more understated cosmetics in 1958
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