February 2020

Articles by Pat Martino

Inside Jazz: Alphabetic Junctions

July 19, 2011
If we take the English alphabet and display it alongside a scalar series, the two separate systems become a device that can translate the language of words into one of melodies.
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Inside Jazz: Linear Transformations, Pt. 2

May 17, 2011
In last month’s column, we learned how scales and arpeggios can be combined for the construction of line forms (“Linear Transformations,” May 2011 PG). This month, we’ll continue exploring
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Inside Jazz: Linear Transformations

April 19, 2011
There are two distinctly different ways to expand the chord form—our skeletal melody—into linear improvisations.
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Inside Jazz: Automatic Voicings

March 15, 2011
Exploring how you can use diminished and augmented shapes to create automatic voicings.
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Inside Jazz: Augmented and Diminished Forms

February 15, 2011
Pat Martino''s debut column
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